12 Days of Christmas

Confessions of a Spiritual Lackwit

Adventures with my Stupid Tooth: Edited Verson due to TMI complaint

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Blame it on the Matrix

Something to Say

The Danger Years

Adventures in Gluten Free/Casein Free cooking

More Answers

Maybe some Answers?

Baby Steps Towards Plain: Inspiration from a Desert Monk

Baby Steps Towards Plain: Definitions

How it Went

Health Care Stuff

Baby Steps Towards Plain

National Chronic Invisible Illness Week: "You Just Don't Get It"

In Honor of National Chronic Invisible Illness Week: 30 Things Meme

Homeschooling with Chronic Illness

National Invisible Chronic Illness Week: How my Illness Affects my life in Church

Labor Day

Alone in the Struggle: Dark Night of the Soul

Home Education

Auuuugh! School? What School????

Our Garden Plot

Homemade Raw Milk/Cream Ice Cream

Summer Time Update

Hideous Gargoyle

Busy Busy

Ain't No Cure for the Summer Time Blues

Zoo Trip

More Sewing

Thrift Store Motherlode of Fabric

Inspired to Sew a Cotton Dress

Love Mercy, Do Justice, Walk Humbly...

Mono Blues


My Tracking Game

Keepin' it Real!

A Journey Towards Health

Its a journey, not a step.

Fear and Loathing in the Summer Time


Burn it and Earn it