The Dormitian Fast

Extreme Fatigue

Ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

A Book Giveaway

It's Leftover Chicken Night

Pray for the Fish


Lenten Bread Recipe

Bureaucracy, or The War on Drugs

If you give a Mouse a Cookie...

Five Leaf Clover

Wednesday Pasta Salad

Itty bitty vacuum cleaner

And to Top it All Off

What's for Dinner on a Friday?

A Visit to the Hospital and a Cazy Day!

A Short Trip to the Audiologist


Coming Home this Morning

Your'e in good hand with Allstate!

Adventures in the Middle of the NIght

A Visit to Louisville

This Man Needs a Job

I Can't Hear You!

Polyeleos - Tone 5 - Byzantine Chant (English)

I've been Tagged

Trisagion Hymn and Glory to the English

How Can a Lazy Summer be so Busy?

Too Materialistic


Happiness is....


A Daily Cycle of Prayers