GFCF shopping in Louisville KY

Wise Guys - Denglisch

Wise Guys - Alle meine Entchen - Tekkno Remix

Techno Schlager - Dschinghis Khan

My First Sock!

Thinking about the New Year

Just to Clarify...

Merry Christmas!

Lovely, Lovely Thift Store Haul

Could I please have a break??????--Updated

Today is Christmas Adam



If a Doctor says it, it must be true!

From the Little Mountain - Large Trailer

Some Clarity

How to have an Invisibility Cloak

I've become one of THEM

I Don't have to Pay for It, neener, neener, neener!


Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Geeks Without Torture

The Hardest Job Ever

O Tannenbaum...

Crab Cornbread Dressing


Look what I found!

Where's the Turkey?

Louie Giglio - Laminin

My less-than-glamorous Life

Today is a Hard Day


What Are the Chances?

Something for the Holidays

Happy Homemaker



About the Nativity Fast in the Orthodox Church

Living the Gospel

What's Cooking?

The Nativity Fast


But I've never even BEEN to Philly!

A Tip

Cozy Troubles

Confronted by the Cross of Christ

Out Walking

Glory to God for All Things...even the good ones!

Going to the Chapel

What Makes me Happy

Discovering Louisville-Part 1

R.O.U.S. (rodent of unusual size)

Random Kerfluffle God wills.....

A Day Ahead of Schedule