Sick Family

I just HAD to sew something!

One of Those Days

" who remain and are suffering pain..."

It's the Bobbin Casing, silly!

Metabolism Miracle Phase 1 Chocolate Fudge

Some Pictures from This Week

Running thru my Head Today

Growth Spurt!

"The Old Grandlady"

Today I've Been a Mommy for 16 Years!

Because You Asked

Thar She Blows!

Help from that Great Cloud of Witnesses


OK, I know I'm weird...BUT

A Balanced Day: Ideas

Raw Milk Symposium: Madison, Wisconsin

Isaiah 12

Sewing and Stuff

Fight Back Friday: O Lord, Save the Bees!

This makes me so happy!

The Countdown Begins

Not Feeling Well

It's a Small World After All

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Holy Friday

Autsim Awareness Month