Extreme Fatigue

I took the kids to Michael's this afternoon, for a scouting visit. I came away with a tie-dye shirt kit, and an idea of how much t-shirts cost, for A's birthday party. I went ahead and bought the kit because it was the last one on the shelf. The kids were really excited about some of the craft kits on sale there. I wish I had a hundred bucks to spend on each of them.

And then we went on a further scouting mission to Target, to see what was in the toy department there. Getting ideas for birthdays. Unfortunately, pickings were somewhat slim at Target.

But on the way out of the store, I meandered through the bedding section. Sigh. I wish I had about five hundred dollars to spend on bedding. I'd buy a down comforter, new pillows, a duvet cover and new sheets. Why does stuff like that have to be so expensive? And why does it never feel like a "necessity"? Even so, our comforter is completely worn out and our one set of sheets is getting that way fast. A girl can dream, I suppose. I often comfort myself with the thought that there will be mansions in heaven. Surely that means that after the resurrection there will be pretty sheets as well? Who knows. Perhaps I won't need that stuff and won't care then, either.

But of course we didn't spend any money at Target. It was just a scouting mission. I very rarely take the kids shopping, so I had to remind them repeatedly to tone down their excitement. Perhaps they don't get out enough. But it's nice to know that I have kids who don't have all the latest gadgets, and aren't demanding.

But the consequence? Extreme fatigue. So we came home, and I popped some popcorn, and we watched a movie. Now it's five o'clock and I wish I had the energy to whip out supper and drive down to Vespers. But I don't know that I do. I'm just that tired.

Sigh. I really miss mid-week vespers. I don't think I've done that much since Wes started working in Louisville, because I always relied on him to drive us. But it comforts me to know that he gets to go to Church in Louisville.

Perhaps I should just lie down on the couch and plow through some more of that Bible reading I want to want to be doing.


maria said…
Hang in there, hon.
Marfa said…
Tie-dye? What a cool idea!!! I'm sure it will be super fun!