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Begin Again

So the whole world knows that starting in March of 2016 I started losing weight.  I lost 90 pounds.  In August of last year, because Wes' wheelchair was too heavy for me to lift, I started going to the gym and lifting weights.  Within three weeks of starting my workouts (I did make rapid enough strength gains that I could tell a difference and was grateful for it) I was lifting Wes instead of his wheelchair, as his rapid decline had started, and he needed my help. 

Lifting weights has been a sources of satisfaction, stress relief, endorphins and strength through this past year.  I love doing it, and it's great to be fit. 

But since starting my workouts, I got hungrier and I stopped counting calories quite as strictly, relying on the good habits I had learned to carry me....

...hmmm, not so wise perhaps.  Over the past ten months, I've regained 16 pounds of the 90 I lost. 

I am so much stronger.  I have I know that some of that regain is muscle weight...and I a…


I bought a kayak and I named her Rhy (pron. Rhee).  She's for going out on the Kentucky River and maybe I'll haul her out to a local lake or two at some point as well.  Don't worry, the Kentucky River is tame when the weather conditions are appropriate for is divided by dams and locks into what the fish and wildlife management system calls "pools".  We were in pool number seven.  The current is very manageable.  If it weren't, I would not go out.

This is pure joy for me.  I never knew until my goddaughter invited me along and let me borrow her boat one day.  I was hooked.

Yesterday we went down to the Kentucky River at Highbridge and set into the water, paddling upstream and into the Dix river.  It was gorgeous.  There was mist on the Dix, and the water was colder and clearer than the Kentucky river.  The current wasn't bad, but it was a bit of a workout.  Eventually we paddled far enough that we found a water fall and were able to pull our …

Snapshots: So Happy

I went up to the Hermitage of the Holy Cross Monastery today with a small group of ladies from my church.  It was a nice little day trip, there and back again.  While we were there, I got to make confession and have a conversation with a priest monk there, and that was good.   The group I was with spent some time helping to wrap about five hunded bars of soap with their labels, so that the soap shop would be ready for a festival this weekend where they can sell their wares.  While I was there I also spent some time very quiet out of doors looking at the wild flowers, bees and rocks. 

The mountains are gorgeous and the monastery grounds are well kept.  A bright blue sky was the lid, and the monastery is tucked into a bowl of tree clad mountains.  Everything seems filled with heavenly grace.   There were black eyed susans, daisies, various kinds of clover and other whildflowers growing in profusion. 

Just like the last time I visited a monastery, it seemed like heaven was so much closer…

Snapshots: Death

I'm finally starting to feel ready to write about Wes.  I'm calling these posts snapshots, because I will probably be recording memories of our last days, months, moments together...and I will write them as they come to me to write about them, and not in the chonological order which they occured. 

Wes died on Monday night, October 9th, but it was rather close to midnight.  The exact time he stopped breathing was 11:17 pm.  But his death certificate and tombstone say October 10th because it was after midnight when the Hospice nurse arrived and certified his death.  That's kind of weird. 

As soon as I found out he had terminal brain cancer (the day before Thanksgiving of 2013) I got online and researched what the end was going to be like.  And I have to say:  Wes' death was textbook Glioblastoma brain cancer. 

The night he'd died, he'd been in and out of a coma sleep for almost a week.  His last food was on Tuesday morning.  He ate about nine small bites of spoon…