Snapshots: So Happy

I went up to the Hermitage of the Holy Cross Monastery today with a small group of ladies from my church.  It was a nice little day trip, there and back again.  While we were there, I got to make confession and have a conversation with a priest monk there, and that was good.   The group I was with spent some time helping to wrap about five hunded bars of soap with their labels, so that the soap shop would be ready for a festival this weekend where they can sell their wares.  While I was there I also spent some time very quiet out of doors looking at the wild flowers, bees and rocks. 

The mountains are gorgeous and the monastery grounds are well kept.  A bright blue sky was the lid, and the monastery is tucked into a bowl of tree clad mountains.  Everything seems filled with heavenly grace.   There were black eyed susans, daisies, various kinds of clover and other whildflowers growing in profusion. 

Just like the last time I visited a monastery, it seemed like heaven was so much closer than it does ordinarily.  I have a memory to share: 

The day before Wes fell into his coma sleep, so one week before he was a Monday...he kept saying "I'm so happy."  "I'm so happy....I'm so happy."  He didn't have a lot of words at that point and I felt like all he could muster was that simple description.  But he kept saying it over and over in a rather insistent way.  Finally it dawned on me to ask:  "Wes, are you seeing saints and angels????!!!" 
He did not answer with words (I don't think he was permitted to do so) but his affirmative grin was something to behold...and the strongest yes I think I have ever seen him communicate in his whole life. 


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