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Gaps friendly Latkes and Carrot Cake

GAPS Latkes

1 large peeled and Shredded Rutabaga
Shredded onion
about three or four eggs
salt and pepper

mix together and cook in flattened lumps in a
skillet with coconut oil for frying them.

These turned out AWESOME. Very tasty and down-home if home happens to be eastern europe. I think every place in that general part of the world has this recipe. In Switzerland they are called "Roeschti". Yum. Normally these are made with potato of course.

Carrot Cake

3 cups or so of shredded carrots
6 eggs,
1/2 cup honey
3/4 cup coconut flour
pinch of salt
1/2-3/4 cup of raisins.
1/2 cup coconut oil

mix all this together and bake at 350 F. until done...9x13 pan makes a flattish cake. This tasted moist and delicious and was just the thing for toting to coffee hour.

The Lenten Embrace

Whenever I encounter people who are normal, who have healthy kids, zero chronic illness and who have all their material needs met in abundance I am always left a little bit bewildered. The temptation is towards envy, I won't deny it. I struggle against that, though, and I do believe that God gives me a bit of success in embracing my own reality of chronic illness, ups and downs, spectrum kids, etc. I am very very aware that for all the checks in my "grief and loss" column, it could be much much worse. I am very aware of all the gifts, talents and provisions that God has made for us. I am grateful.

So I learn to be grateful for what IS. And that is spiritual medicine.

Today I was reminded of the vast differences between where people are at when a stranger on facebook commented on a mutual friend's post about fasting: two meals a day, "dry eating"...that sort of thing.

Yes, I know, I have heard it before...this is not news to me.

I'd just for…

Praying with the Saints

Someone wrote to me and asked me to tell him/her about praying with the saints, as we Orthodox understand it. I decided that what I wrote would make a good blog post:

Prayer to saints/with saints: There is a verse in the LXX psalter
somewhere that is translated "God is glorious in his saints". The
reason saints are special (and this has everything to do with our
"salvation theology", our understanding of what OUR goal is, and the
concept of theosis) is because they are utterly filled with the Holy
Spirit of God. So, when you are praying with a saint you are
praying with him or her IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Have you ever read the vignette about St. Seraphim of Sarov (I
consider him and St. Herman of Alaska to be my two saint "grandfathers".)
where he is explaining to a pilgrim about the Holy Spirit? This
explains it so well. We are in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit
is in us, and we are filled with Christ...spiritually AND physically
when we take his body and blo…

A Lesson from my Kitchen

It's official: I hate my crock pot. I bought a new crock pot a few months ago because my old one's crock had cracked (for the second time) and the lid handle had already been replaced. Same brand. But this one has an electronic timer instead of manual controls... Stongly. dislike. that. electronic. timer.

I know. It's "just" a control issue.

I want to be in charge of my appliances! I want to be the one to tell when food is done! I want the POWER. I will NOT submit to some dumb electronic timer who thinks it knows better than me. Submission is for unto God, not unto a Rival Crockpot timer. I have enough things in life I have no control over, and I WANT control of my own appliances, by dingy!!!!

I used to make bone broth in my crock pot...I'd let it go for days and just add more water as necessary.

This crock, however, makes weak, anemic broth because it keeps shutting the flippety flip OFF. And, it does not really get hot enough.

With my old cro…

That Dark Place

I do struggle with depression, don't I? I want to write happy uplifting blog posts, but that's just not possible.

Today was warm and sunny. We had our lessons, I did some knitting, some cooking, some would think it'd be an easy day...A sunny day...a perfect day...

Instead, it was just hard. I struggled to get up this morning, and then there was the inevitable guilt that I feel when my slow body does not kick into gear as soon as I think it should. So it's a bit after ten thirty and we are starting school. (Not all the kids wait on me...some of them get a jump start on things like Math and Science while I'm drinking coffee...but others play the Wii, content to wait until I've officially started the school day before engaging their brains.

But we got it done, that's the thing...we DID get it done.

And by mid afternoon, I was dead on my feet. After doing almost nothing today. Not nothing...just quiet stuff.

Cooking soup for an early pre…