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Coconut Sweets

Today I bought three fresh coconuts instead of buying the already processed-with chemicals added flaked coconut.

Getting one of them open was an adventure, but it seems it will need to be an adventure I get used to, since I'm committed to eating fresh real food.

First I took a hammer and a scewdriver, and banged two holes in the top, and drained the juice out of the center. (I'd already shaken them to hear the juice sloshing in the store, and checked the integrity of the shells.)

After pouring off the juice we sat down on the concrete (covered in vinyl floor tiles stuff) kitchen floor and started banging away at the coconut. Nothing worked until I took it and gave it the old "medicine ball floor slam"...THAT cracked the shell. So then we pried the rest of it off, with a few hammer whacks and some jabs with the screw driver.

Eventually I was able to use a vegetable peeler on the soft brown inner rind. It was about as fun as peeling a raw butternut squash, which …

What the Gaps diet is really: Vegetables and More Vegetables

I did not really realize how much processed food I was eating until I started this GAPS diet. Now, I'm eating vegetables, meat and the fats derived therefrom, eggs and a very small smidgen of fruit and honey. That's it.

Today, at the grocery store my shopping cart contained the following:

Acorn Squash-3
Butternut Squash-3
Spaghetti Squash-3
mushrooms (4 packs)
brussel sprouts
cauliflower (I broke down and got this frozen because I knew I did not have room in the fridge)
carrots-4 lbs.
onions-2 bags
organic apples
small box of red currants
bananas-2 bunches, 1 ripe and 1 green
giant bag of frozen green beans
dried bananas (chewy like fruit leather, found at Trader Joes)
four avocados

coconut oil
sesame seeds (for later)
almond meal (for later).

I might be missing something. But that, my friends, is a LOT of vegetables!

I also bought:

1 pork roast
4 organic chickens
3 containers of ground pork for making sausages
6 pounds of beef (from …

Courtesy of Facebook

This blog post is sponsored in part by Facebook...which is currently down and not loading. He he he.

Seriously? Facebook is down? How will I get my George Takei nerdy funny pictures fix? How will I know what's happening in the wide wide world of Orthodoxy today? How will I ENDURE my morning without watching all my Facebook friends flinging political poopie pies at each other?

How will I be ABLE to endure the loneliness of simply being present here, in my own life, with my own kids and the responsibilities I have this day?

How can I be virtual? Auuuugh? No facebook?

Whatever did we do before FACEBOOK????

Ah yes, I remember...we blogged.

And before blogging, we had actual phone conversations with friends (hard to do for a home schooling or working mom, that's for sure).

And before that...I remember this thing called "people" that I used to hang out with. But that was when the kids were babies and toddlers and we had these phenomena called "play dates&…

Gaps update six.

Well, I started the GAPS diet last Tuesday (on my birthday)...and let me say this: It is brutal. I"m not unhappy, it's just brutal. I can tell that I'm experienceing "die off" symptoms, which means basically that whilst getting healthier, I'm temporarily feeling worse.

I'm back to needing to lay down in the late afternoon for an hour or so. I've heard that as exactly what a person with adrenal fatigue ought to do anyway, so it's good to know that I'm killing two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone.

I was able to make it to Church this morning, and it was SO good to be there and to sing in the choir and to take communion. I feel truly blessed. I hope and pray I can have the energy to start going to choir practice again. I was going to do that last Thursday, but by 6 pm I was dead on my feet and not going anywhere but underneath a blanket.

So far, with my body, the die off feels exactly like the fibromyalgia. Yes, achy and ver…

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

and After....

I tried to copy my facial expression and distance to the camera, so all things would be equal.

I was messing around with photobooth tonight (admit it, we all do that sometimes) and I found a picture that I'm pretty sure was taken last September or would have been BEFORE I started on my thyroid medication.

Notice how in the "before" shot, my neck is puffy and swollen, and how my face is flabby looking and also puffy. Notice the horrid acne. I'm wearing a hat, in part because my hair was not growing and looked basically dead.

And now the "after" face is so much slimmer, my neck no longer has that crease in it, acne has cleared up (although there are still some scars)...and I got my eyebrows done, but that's neither here nor there. I'm wearing a head band to keep my growing hair off my face and have it twisted up in a big hair clip in the back. My hair has basically come back to life.

NO...I have…

Tooth Soap and other goodies.

One of the things I'm doing this year is striving to kick consumer products to the curb and make as many of my "body products" as possible with home-made food grade ingredients.

Today I made some tooth soap. I found the recipe at this site:

(Sorry, I tried a bunch of times to create a working link, and although I got a working link lower down in the article, for some reason this one just ain't cooperating.)

The tooth soap contains a wee bit of Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Castile Soap, some peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, xylitol and boiling water.

It is easy and very quick to make in the blender. I put my tooth soap into a jar at first but then I found a pump bottle which I thoroughly washed. Now my tooth soap is neatly in a pump. Bethany also wanted some in her bathroom, so the rest of the jar is in there.

I've read that tooth soap can be good for the enamel and a…

The Color of One's Skin

My first encounter with the race-relations/troubles in the U.S. was when I was "fresh off the boat" so to speak. I was 12, and soon 13, and new to the U.S. and new to my school and new to everything.

The missionary house that we started out living in, being hosted by our church, was sort of in the "city" if you will, on 17th Ave. South in Nashville. My bus stop was several blocks away, so I walked into "the projects" every day to catch my school bus.

I mean, on an academic level, I knew there'd been trouble. I knew about the slavery (my mom had read us Roots when it came out, and we'd even procured a TV so that we could watch the show...dubbed into German...when it came on TV) and that is was wrong and the Civil War, and the emancipation proclamation. I'd heard about the KKK and Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. All that stuff.

So, somehow, I thought America has been FIXED. I thought it was a better place and that st…

न्कौन्तेर्स विथ रसिस्म

Ordinary Time

Today I was a bit better. I woke up at 5 am with hearing a loud noise in the furnace, and when I got up to investigate the sound (couldn't figure it out but our place has not burned down yet;-) I found one of my really good kitchen bowls that I've been missing for a few months. It had been placed in our heater closet as a drip catcher, not having caught any drips it was very very dusty and full of grime and cobwebs.


I cannot, for the life of me recall placing it there, and if I had wanted to put a drip catcher there, I certainly would not have used my best mixing bowl! Wes can't remember at all putting it there, either, but it's the sort of thing either one of us might have done. I'm wondering though, if it might have been a maintenance man at some point. But grabbing a bowl out of my kitchen? That makes no sense and is a creepy thought, so I think I'll let it go.

I'm just glad to have my bowl back.

We had a nice drive out to New Albany to pi…

In My Sewing Corner

There's been NOTHING going on in my sewing corner and I have been experiencing the strangest thing...I went from "top of the world, I can sew anything" after making those two wedding dresses last spring, to feeling like I never ever want to sew again after one rather spectacularly stressful well-constructed communication failure of a project where I ended up losing lots of time a not a little money.

Burn out.

Now, whenever I sit down to do some mending, or a wee tiny project, I'm all thumbs and threads come loose and things get tangled and it's just horrid. And I look at my work and I'm so unhappy with it.

Other people have etsy shops and other people's sewing projects are neat and perfect (or at least can take perfect picutres of their work).

And then there's me: The queen of imperfections.

I just want to give up. I want to close my etsy shop, I want to never sew anything again.

I know these feelings will not last. I'll sew again. Some…

A New Year....A New Me (In Other Words..."Jesus, Save Me!")

It sounds trite, doesn't it. We all make New Year's resolutions, and we all fail. Time and again, I have failed. Except for the year when my new years resolution was to NOT diet. I think I packed on about thirty pounds that year, and realized that all my half baked and unsuccessful dieting efforts were at least keeping me on an even keel.

But that was years ago, and I'm over it. Really, I am. Because I HAVE been on an even keel lately, even if said keel includes those thirty extra pounds from several years ago.

But this post is not about weight loss. Really. I promise it is not. Keep reading.

I know that 2012 is going to be the year of changes for me. I can feel them coming. I can sniff the air and somehow, bone deep, I just know.

So, last year there as the mono, which still rises up and nips me gently in the tookus with spleen pain (yes I had the stupid thing ultra-sounded, no I'm not worried, it's just a "body signal" ya know?) whenever I …