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I Want to Pimp My Car!

So, one of the things we have realized, since the van is broken down, is that Wes' commute back and forth to work is much much much less driving than my errands and doctor's appointments and taking kids places like the nature center or the zoo. And the van guzzles more gas than the Nissan.

So, logically, I should be driving the Nissan (the kids and I, we all fit) and Wes should drive the van to and from work. Also, logically, we should resist the urge to replace the Nissan because it has a fairly new engine in it and it runs just fine. What it really needs is a new muffler. Mufflers are cheaper than cars.

So, now I'll be most likely driving a long-since-paid-for beater with over two hundred thousand miles on it.

And what I've always said I wanted to do, if I ever was driving a car like that is to paint it up all CRAYZEE, like. Flowers all over it, or perhaps make it an autism awareness car, with puzzle pieces all over it. Or I could get super duper epoxy glue …

Is it July Already?????

Well, the wedding dress is DONE, so now I can turn my attention to the rest of my summer: reading, relaxing by the pool and vegging out. Right? Ha!

Actually, I have a few goals I want to accomplish before summer is over and I do want to get an early start on next school year. August is miserably hot and it's an excellent time to enjoy the indoors and start our studies.

So...I'm going to get all grading from last year done, and filed away next week.

After that, we are going to deep clean and declutter our wee apartment from top to bottom. I want all the kids here to help with that.

Then I need to plan the next school year and get organized for that. There's been so much boredom and too much time spent on the computer on the parts of the kids this summer that I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of going with a four day school week and a year-round system for next year. Need to sit down with a calendar and plan out my options and make a decision on that score.

Thoughts on …

Vile Smell of the Week: Pysanka eggs!!!

Yes, I did the research.

The research said that one could not blow them out and that over time they would dry out from the inside.

The research was clearly wrong.

I set the basket on top of an obscure book shelf, and today, as I was searching for a field guide to wild flowers, found the vile smell. Not like rotten eggs, oh no no! All cheesy-like and stinky. I carefully removed the eggs into a zip-lock bag and discovered that one of them had leaked and had under it: Maggots. Oh joy.

Needless to say, I am down a basket as well. Hello dumpster, good-bye Pysanka eggs!

Kagan Declines To Say Gov't Has No Power to Tell Americans What To Eat

She's a little scary!

Christians Arrested for Proselytising near Muslim gathering in USA (Dear...

Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders

Knickers in a Twist

A Yen

I have a yen to sew a victorian era outfit to wear to a mother/daughter Victorian tea our AHG troop is going to in December. The whole thing will last only 2 hours, which means my yen to sew a corset, a crinoline, and a dress, a bonnet and perhaps a cloak might be called EXPENSIVE AND SILLY.

However, I think it points to something greater: The desire to be involved in historical costuming and re-enactments someday, on some level.

A gal can dream, can't she?

God Alone is Enough

I'm participating in a Blog Tour, today, and it is my privilege to present to you, my readers, Chapter Five of the book God Alone Is Enough by Claudia Mair Burney.

Official author bio from the book jacket: Claudia Mair Burney is the author of seven novels, including the Amanda Bell Brown mysteries, and Zora and Nicky, a Christy Award finalist in 2009. Readers familiar with her style will enjoy this rollicking journey through their own interior castles. She lives in Kentucky, where she also authors the popular blog "Ragamuffin Diva".

After giving a down-to-earth bio of St. Theresa of Avila in the beginning of the book, Mair focuses in on St. Theresa's advice on how to cultivate a life of prayer. Needless to say, my ears perk up at such a topic. I am, after all, the consumate prayer warrior. Not! (The armor doesn't fit right and I struggle to stand under the weight of it. And...and...and...)

Theresa uses an analogy of a garden. The garden is our soul and C…

Carrying Each Other

When I moved to St. Michael's, one dream I'd had for a long time came true. I was able to join the choir. I joined last year during Lent, so it was sort of "baptism by fire" as we were very busy with rehearsals, practicing for Pascha. I fumbled along as best I could, singing quietly in the back row, learning as I went along. 90% of the music was utterly unfamiliar, and the 10% that I did know was sung with just enough musical variations that on those pieces I really had to stay on my toes.

But this post really isn't about me. I don't mean for it to be, at any rate.

Last night the choir had a little surprise party for our beloved Khouria Olga. She's officially not the choir director any more, as we're saying goodbye to her and Father this summer. They are moving to St. Tikhon's.

So, we gathered. We ate. People reminisced. Then we sang. Without music. We just sang for our choir director and our priest as a small spontaneous goodbye gi…

So I don't clog up Morning Coffee with diet stuff

Because most of the time, Weight Loss blogs are BORING. Sometimes they are brilliant. But most of the time they bore me to tears. But I'm doing this so I have a need to blog about it: I started a diet journey blog:

I should write SOMETHING, I suppose

It is one of those weeks when I'm up to my neck in this and that. Is it only Wednesday? Feels like it should be Friday or something closer to it than merely Wednesday.

Wedding dress that I'm sewing is progressing nicely. There it hangs, waiting for the back zipper and a few final touches like hemming it, adding decorative buttons to the back and some hand sewing on the inside lining...but these things await another fitting with bridegirl. She will look so pretty! I can't wait to take pictures of the dress when I'm done.

We have car trouble! How, I ask, do we deal with car trouble without a credit card???? Yes, it's possible, but it takes patience, I guess. My mini van won't start and we think its the starter, which could cost a pretty penny or two. And we just spent all our saved up car money on the tire blowout a couple of weeks ago and our savings has not recuperated yet. How fun.

Thankfully, Wes' old beater Nissan is still drivable, and we l…

Just Not a Very Great Day

So, today was my husband's company pic-nic. Oh joy. It was being held at this place called Renaissance Fun Park, which has absolutely nothing to do with either the Renaissance, Fun, or ...well, if a park is a nice place with green and shady trees, no park either. It had mini golf, go karts, and a very loud arcade...and a pavilion with loud speakers and music and horrid catered food.

As we entered the place, our hands were stamped and we each got a small cup full of tokens. The kids took off into the din of iniquity to gamble away their tokens and I played a game of pin ball and a very short game of Ms. Pac Man. There were other things, too and it was all very noisy. I could hardly stand it and I could practically see the place being such a sensory overload that there would be a melt down at some point by one or another of my more sensitive kids.

Soon enough we ventured out to the pavilion where lunch was being catered. Our food options: Barbeque chicken or pork, potato…

Thinking about High School Home School

Lots of people get scared when it comes to home schooling their High School level student. For many kids, this is a good time to transition to a more traditional schooling method. For some kids, it's the BEST time to be home schooling. Anyone who survived high school as a nerd has I'm sure spent at least of little bit of time imagining life without the pain of a traditional High School. I know I can.

So, next school year, I will have two kids in High School. B's been doing what she can the past couple of years, and I'm proud to say she has gotten some work done...four credits so far. So she's behind, but not as far behind as she might otherwise be. She's been very very sick. But I actually think she'll catch up.

Yesterday I decided to write out a high school transcript/list of courses my kids need to complete in order for them to graduate. It really is as simple as ticking off a check list. Most states require 22 credits for high school, a credi…

Domestic Stuff

We cleaned house yesterday. Me and the kids. From top to bottom. (Well, the decluttering will come later this summer. But everything is in it's place, etc.)

Floors are clean. Walls are clean. Fixtures are clean.

Did I mention my house is CLEAN?????

Love, love, love it.

It will, no doubt, last about half a day, and then someone will spill blueberries on the carpet (which stains we even scrubbed yesterday with great success).

This is one of the biggest reasons I like living like a European in a small apartment.--Not that it's a small apartment, as far as apartments go. It's even bigger (believe it or not!) than our old house. More square feet. I'm not complaining. I guess I have never lived anywhere very large.--at any rate, I LOVE the fact that the kids and I can get this place ship shape in two hours.

Whatever happened to that nifty card file system, you ask? Well, it's around here somewhere, collecting dust. I'm no good at follow through. Perhaps in …

The Great Office War

Not What I Expected

I had my plans for today, and I was hoping to take the kids to the zoo after I finished up a wee bit of sewing. The bride whose dress I'm making was scheduled to come over for a fitting of her rehearsal dinner dress, and I wanted her to try on the initial muslin of the wedding dress top, as well.

And I'm sewing along, and the electricity goes out.

That certainly was not what I expected to happen.

But it was OK. I just filled some water bottles, packed some snacks, and we all escaped our dark and bleeping (I'm not using a swear word....electronic devices with computer brains complain loudly with multiple repeated beeping noises when their power is interrupted) apartment for a nice trip to the zoo.

Bethany was in a bad way (neurogolically) today, so I pushed her in the wheelchair while we were at the zoo. Oooof. Two miles, up and down hills...that was QUITE a workout. I can feel it deep in my abdominals, and especially going up those hills works the backside.


Unexpected Overnight

Isn't it just so great to drink water after a sweaty workout in the summer-time? I think so. Well, that's just what popped into my head as I sat down here, since I'm using my post-workout cool down to blog a little bit.

We sure had an unexpected grand adventure yesterday! On the spur of the moment I called up some good friends of ours to see if they were doing anything for Memorial day. Since they were sitting around just like we were, and all parties were amenable, we decided to go for a visit. The kids were thrilled. Several BFFs involved in this situation (at least on the part of my kids). So off we went, food in tow for the hour plus drive back to Lex.

Just outside of Lexington, one of our tires blew out. Not just a flat. Like a flat on steroids. Thanks be to God! Wes never did lose control of the car, and we pulled over and got off the interstate, called our friends to pick us up while Wes waited for AAA. Blah blah blah, long story short we had to have the…