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My First Migraine Headache

OK, I've had migraines before. Headaches w/ some nausea and light sensitivity. But today, I had the real deal. My dad gets them like this. I've always thought I was lucky that mine aren't as bad as his were. I rememer every so often, tippy-toeing through the house as a child because my dad was in his darkened room with a migraine, vomiting, the works.

Today, I woke up with a headache. I realized it was a migraine on the way to Church when I was nauseous in the car. I should have had Wes turn around and take me home so I could deal with it and get on top of the situation. But I decided it was just a few hours until after Church and surely I could tough it out and take communion, right?


I got sicker, and sicker and sicker. I realized half way through the service that I'd better not take communion because I'd throw up if I did. (If you are Orthodox, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you aren't, you don't want to know, trust me.…

Begin Again

I'm officially disgusted with myself. It's my eating. I fell off the low carb wagon, and even though I was on the low carb wagon, I wasn't on it very well. You see, I have a cookie addiction. No matter what diet I'm on, I find a way to make "legal" cookies. Obeying the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law.

For some reason, I can make and follow all kinds of food rules that involve not eating beans, or not eating carrots, or even sometimes not eating certain fruits. But as soon as you tell me I eat too many cookies, I'll have an excuse. If you say I should cut out the cookies, I say: Ok, must be the sugar, so I make sugar free cookies. Or I'll use coconut flour and make them low carb and thereby be even more virtuous.

Never mind that 1/24th of the pan has more than 150 calories and like 30 grams of fat, and who ever heard of me just eating one? After all, they are legal! They are free! And if I eat them when I'm hungry I&#…


Today B goes in for a sleep-deprived EEG and an MRI. Please pray with us that these tests will reveal something significant and diagnosis worthy, since we KNOW she has neurological abnormalities.

All the Right Answers

I finally feel like I'm not as naive and helpless as I once was, when it comes to doctors and hospitals and the like.

Call me a slow learner. I know. It's taken me a while to get the hang of things.

But at last, I think I'm ahead of the learning curve, having reached a new level of competence and confidence when it comes to dealing with the health care system, knowing what information to ask for, and what question they will ask. It is good to be prepared.

When a doctor gives you a note or an order saying that you are to take your child for testing, there are certain questions that should be asked:

1. Is this a walk in place, or do I need to set up an appointment?

Usually a blood draw is just to a lab and you walk in and do it and are out of there in 15 minutes or less.

For a different type of test, you might have a "come anytime" situation. But if the test, however simple, is to be performed in a HOSPITAL, one needs to call and be on the phone for an i…

Vacuum Cleaner Wars: Hoover Strikes Back

So, it's time to vacuum. Somehow there are popcorn kernels STILL gracing my living room floor, cheerios and all sorts of crumbs and cornchip detritus in the dining room, and despite me being conveniently out of their way all day Saturday, none of the Rebel Forces decided to try and strike a death blow to any of the crumbs.

So, I'm vacuuming the dining room, which also happens to have the keyboard and head phones in it, when I suck up the chord to the headphones. I had visions of just vacuuming over it, but it was just skinny enough to succumb to the mighty wind tunnel. (Why is it that half the time the Hoover never sucks up what you want it to suck up, but if you get within five inches of something that will bring it to a grinding halt, it will suddenly increase it's suckage and whoosh, the item is forever tangled in the beater bar, and the motor is suddenly making grinding noises and emitting that nasty smell?)

So, I had to get the screw driver, take the bottom plate…

Ramblings of the Day

Well, it's official. I am now working on the wedding dress (which is really two dresses since I'm doing a wearable muslin before I make the wedding dress.) Today it's been ironing the fabric for the "wearable muslin" that I'm making, ironing the lining fabric, cutting the pattern and the least that much. I'll probably get some sewing started today as well.

I read over the instructions today and it's going to be easy, easy, easy. Once I start sewing it's going to be quick.

At the end of this week I'll do a fitting. And next week....THE SILK!

Sorry world. No pictures until AFTER the wedding. I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises for the groom. Top secret, and all that.

Liturgy was lovely this morning. I did not think I would go, because I could NOT fall asleep last night and at 1:30 I decided to turn off that 6 am alarm clock that I had set. Well, it turns out I woke up at 6:30 on my own and couldn't fall bac…

Kneeling Prayers of Pentecost

On Pentecost, after the Divine Liturgy, or in a Vespers service, Orthodox Christians kneel and pray the following prayers:

Prayer 1

O pure and blameless Lord, Who art without beginning, invisible and incomprehensible, unchangeable, immeasurable, and unbounded, Who art without evil and alone immortal, who dwellest in the unapproachable light, Maker of heaven and earth and the seas and all that was created therein, Who grantest to all their petitions before asking, to Thee we pray and of Thee we ask, O philanthropic Master, the Father of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and of the ever-virgin Mary, the noble Theotokos; Who first didst teach by word, and then gave testimony in deed while bearing the saving Passion, teaching us Thine unworthy, sinful, and miserable servants, to offer Thee our supplications with bent head and knee, for our sins and human ignorance.

Wherefore, O most merc…


So I washed that gray right outta my hair and I went for a slightly darker shade this time. I thought to match my head hair with the middle-aged-woman-hairs growing out of my chin that I pull out while I'm stopped in traffic.

People at St. A's yesterday were teasing me and telling me I look GREEK! It's not the first time I've been told I look Greek, LOL, but COME ON! I'm all English with a little bit of other words, 100% American, since those English genes have been on this continent since the first half of the 1600's.

At any rate, there it is. My mom wanted to see a picture. This is for you, mom!

Monkey Bread

In no particular order:

I taught Ariana how to make monkey bread today. Like we need THAT. eh.

Also figured out that Bethany is going to get a gardening badge, a textiles badge and a needlework badge for American Heritage Girls.

Printed off medical health forms for camp (printing is a long and arduous process requiring patience and causing stress).

Took two kids to the doc for camp physicals.

Got an MRI and EEG scheduled for Bethany.

Followed up on inquiry about referral for Eric to see a specialist about something.

Picked up milk from Farmer.

Answered some grammar quesitons.

Took someone to piano lesson.

Filled out a gazillion forms.

Had a deep conversation with one of my kids.

Dealt with mental illness issues.

Had a melt down.

Dispensed medication.

Cooked a very boring dinner.

Had phone conversation (that was on a deadline) while I was rushing around trying to do something else.

Was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.

Still has not gone grocery shopping.

Did not touch the untidy living ro…

In the Hands of God

Whenever I tell people that three out of four of my kids have been diagnosed to be on the autistic spectrum, I always get the same reaction: Sympathy, a shaking head, and an "I don't know how you do it." or a "You have so much on your plate." comment.

But really, around here it is just the way life is, and so I don't know any different. It just IS. I'm used to my kids, and I love my kids and sometimes I forget how different they are. (Now those early years, before any diagnoses were to be had...those were TRULY DIFFICULT.) OK, it is hard sometimes. I won't say that it's not. And I am sad a good bit. I can't say I'm not. But there is joy, too.

We deal with the difficulties at Church, for instance. There's an article in the March Word Magazine about how Orthodox worship lends itself to being appealing to someone on the autistic spectrum. Very charming. Except it's also been said that kid son the spectrum are like snow…

Confessions of a Slacker Mom

Oh, I am so ready for this "school year" to be over. But onwards they forge. Ariana finished her math book yesterday, and certain ones are also done with science. And certain other ones are about a week away from being done with their maths.

Blah blah blah.

And when I went into the girls' room this morning to help locate a lost pair of glasses, I realized what a pit/disaster zone it has become. So, do I task them with getting their room clean, or do I prioritize school work? Or both? I just don't know.

What I do know is that, as I've promised myself for the last three years or so, next year I'll be more organized. Yeah, right. And I'll also suddenly hate cookies and crave vegetables and effortlessly lose 40 pounds. Yeah, that's happening.


Yeah, methinks.

So what can I do? How can I be just a bit more organized with keeping tabs on lesson schedules.

One year I ordered Manager's of Their Homes and promptly broke out in a ra…

These won't help you lose weight but they might prevent you from gaining...

Well, my back is feeling quite a bit better today. In fact, I woke up at 3 am and had to use the bathroom, and I knew then that it was going to be a good day because I could walk there and didn't have to crawl.

I discovered that the house elves did not do as much laundry as I would have done, judging by the huge mound of dirty stuff there was to be tackled today, but who cares, right? Laundry can be squeezed in between things that are more fun. And my back is no longer horrid, so it's a good day. More fun....

Like developing a low carb chocolate chip cookie recipe (and we wonder WHY I'm not losing weight???? Ha ha ah.) which will at least save me from further snarfing of the normal chocolate chip cookies that my daughter made and GAINING weight. Also we took a trip to the library, I finished up my tea shop sewing, and promised to teach my youngest how to make meatloaf (Our typical Monday night dinner).

And now, my back is a bit sore, so I shall settle down with some…

Queen Quasimodo

So, I was putting on my sneakers today to go to the gym for a workout. I was sitting on the floor to do this ordinary thing. Then I tried to stand up. And I could not. My back is out.

Sitting, since it angles my legs and hips forward, I could do. Kneeling even was OK, but as soon as I tried to stand up...I literally can't do it. The pain just doubles me right over. And I'm pretty tough.

I immediately had B annoint my back with some holy oil. I also had M give me a back rub.

My chiropractor is out of town until Tuesday.

So I either have to crawl to the bathroom, or walk bent double. Like Quasimodo. The kids laugh at me. Well, my son does.

So, B was helpful and fetched me rag, towel and ran some bath water. I crawled to the bathroom, crawled into the tub. Crawled out again. Somehow managed to dry off and get dressed in pj type clothes and crawled to the living room.

Then I ensconced myself in my best chair with my legs elevated and my back in a neutral position…

Movie Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Wes and I went and saw this movie at the second run theater last Sunday night on our weekly date night outing. I've not read the books, although I have a friend who enthusiastically endorses them, I think.

Initially I thought that it might be a fun film to take the kids to see, as a special treat. We are big fans of fantasy fiction stuff at our house and this seemed like it might fit the bill.

But not far into the movie I changed my mind. I won't be taking my kids (ages 16, 14, 11 and 10...yes, they might be old enough to "handle it") to see this film. I'll get to the "why" in a moment.

In summary, Percy Jackson is a high schooler who hates his step father and who finds out that his real father is Poseidon. Being a demi-god, he goes to demi-god camp/school (Hogwarts, anyone?) to learn how to fight, medieval style, and to generally do demi-god things. I suppose he is expected to become a hero although why these kids don't move their weaponry and…

Suddenly They Grow Up

Today my youngest daughter made her fist solo batch of cookies. She's just a few months shy of eleven and her arms are long enough for oven reaching. She's never showed any interest in baking before, but today she came to me and asked if she could make oatmeal cookies. Sure. I don't mind.

So I lined up the ingredients, we found the recipe together and I answered a few questions for her. I gave her some tips on using the oven, but all in all, she made those cookies herself. I'm very proud. And they were yummy. And I got lots of sewing done while she made them.

My oldest has also come up with the most delicious stevia sweetened mint tea lemonade concoction EVER. Yum.

And she decided to make some coconut flour, erythritol sweetened chocolate cookies for us to eat. So very kind of her. I'll eat them tomorrow. Perhaps even for breakfast. But today, I feel like it's my motherly DUTY to go off my diet and eat some of those oatmeal cookies that A. made…

Unbefreakinlievably Tired Right Now

A full day of waking up with back pain, supervising school work, working in the kitchen, helping my 10 year old bake her fist batch of "solo" cookies ever, and taking Eric to the hospital to get X-Rays.

X-Rays, you ask? Yes, indeed. No emergency, just a chronic pain condition that his doctor wants to look into.

You see, yesterday I took the boy to the doc for a routine camp physical, since he's wanting to go to Boy Scout Camp this summer. All good, easy peasy, right? Wrong.

He tells the doctor about the fact that his legs hurt whenever he stands. (They really really do, and have for years and WHY did I not think to mention this to a doctor before???? Overwhelmed a wee bit by other things, me guesses. At any rate, it's prevented him from ever being an altar boy.)

So, the doctor ordered blood work and X rays and did not sign off on the camp physical form yet. So that's what I was doing getting my son some X-Rays at the Hospital this afternoon. I don'…

Thrift Store Score

Major, major "Mom Uniform" thrift store score: Four pairs of capri length (Ok, two of them are soon to be capri length as soon as they have a fatal meeting with my sewing machine) pants and two tops and a white cardigan.


And a couple of pairs of khakis for one of my kids.

A New Opportunity

A friend of mine opened a Tea Shop in Lexington a few weeks ago. I can't wait to drive over there and have some tea and check out the new business. I'm just so happy for her.

And...she wants to sell things like cloth napkins, aprons, tea cozies, place know...tea-time things made out of fabric.

And here I am, with a brand spankin' new sewing machine. So, guess who got a commission to do some sewing? Moi!

Sounds like I need to organize my time...seriously. I've already designed a unique fully reversible one-size-fits-all-teapots tea cozy and made my first three specimens. Trust me...I collect tea pots and I tried this out on a variety of pots and it works on all of them, thanks to the unique flower petal design. And yesterday I bought more coordinating fabric for reversible place-mats, cloth napkins and yet more fabrics for another reversible set.

So that etsy shop that I've been threatening to open but never actually getting done...I think it mig…

Eeeeeew! AKA: Vile Smell of the Week

So, today is M's birthday. Happy birthday, dear one. 14! Wow. She really is a young lady. I could not be more proud and blessed.

Anyway, the birthday girl requested an outing: Perhaps a trip to the library and then down to the Riverfront Park?

That sounded lovely to all of us. So we had a lazy morning (no school work on birthdays!) and then after lunch we gathered our books, filled our water bottles and set off.

First the library...then onto I-65 to whip downtown to the park. It's a very busy interstate at mid-afternoon. And curvy.

We passed a truckload of pink pigs. Poor pigs. Comparisons were made to the chicken truck we passed once before. My kids know way too much about the food industry for their innocent ages. The pigs smelled like pigs. We drove behind the truck for a while.

Then it happened: E, who was riding shotgun, mentioned that he was getting carsick, (which was a consequence of reading a library book in the car!!!!)! Then it REALLY happened a…

"Kids will be Kids!"

Why is it that the parents of bullies often have this attitude? I've heard it said more than once, coming from the mouth of the parents of bullies.

Lord of the Flies comes to mind. Perhaps kids WILL be kids, but its the parents job to civilize them, and teach them a better way.

Yesterday, I really blew it. Or maybe I did not blow it. Maybe I finally did what I should have been doing all along. Except I did it in the wrong way. Oh so wrong.

You see, my kids have been being bullied. Again. Still. They are bully magnets, which kids who are on the spectrum usually are. In this case, my younger two are the ones on the receiving end, although B has also been the recipient of some ugliness (she mostly manages to avoid it by staying away from kids in the neighborhood) and M is often confused by these same children being nice one minute and mean the next.

My kids are such easy targets. And they get upset easily.

Eric's been chased down my a kid on a bike on more than on…

Seth Jones "Landlocked"

Nashville is my "American Hometown". So obviously I'm very concerned. Love this song. Say a prayer for the folks in Tennessee.

Another Nightgown


Lemon Bars

These are MM friendly. I suppose the lemon juice in them has a few carbos, but everything else is phase 1 friendly.

I hunted online and found a coconut flour pie crust recipe which basically was:

mix coconut flakes (unsweetened of course) with coconut flour and shortening, a wee bit of stevia...and make a crust.

Quantities? Good question. I doubled the recipe to come up with something that would go in a 9x13 because I fully expect my kids to help me eat these...

Here's a link for the crust recipe that I doubled. I had to fudge on the amount of flaked coconut and just use what I had.

I pressed it into my 9x13 pyrex pan and baked it at 325 for 10 minutes. 8 would have been enough. Coconut browns rapidly.

And the lemon bar filling? Good ol' Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, adapted of course:

4 eggs (yaaay, a way to use my mass of eggs! Why, why, why did I tell the farmer we could eat 3 dozen per week?????)
6 Tablespoons of lemon juice
Rind of one lemon, peeled and sh…