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Random Kerfluffle

I have the urge to write, but my thoughts are about as chaotic as my house right now. Our living room is an ocean of boxes with narrow little walking paths to get us to the chairs and couch.

My bedroom is the same. The kids' rooms, on the other hand are mostly empty. I guess their boxes wandered down to the living room.

Today, my goal is to similarly turn my kitchen into such a zone of chaos and pack up the remaining stuff that seems to spawn on my already packed desk and the coffee table. Oh, and sort out toiletries into suitcases and pack the rest of the bathroom. That stuff, I believe, will fit in one box.

Seriously, I'm THAT close. Wouldn't it be fun to bust a move and have it all done, and then take my kids to the movies this afternoon??????

I'm pretty excited about the move. I keep having anxiety thoughts, like what if we wreck the moving truck, or what if no one shows up to help us...or not enough people, that sort of thing.

And I'm sad about … God wills.....

Well, after my brilliant report this morning, today, I'm slow to launch. The last bits are the hardest, including getting the laundry sorted, and deciding what to put in suitcases and what goes into boxes and doing the same in the kitchen. I bought paper plates.

I went to Kinko's this morning to fax some medical forms to a new doc for my daughter, to expedite getting her seen hopefully next week. Wes had spoken on the phone with someone from there two days ago to get their fax number. So I spend eighteen dollars plus on a long distance fax, only to get a call while I'm in Walmart telling me they are NOT taking new patients right now.

Mega Grrrrrrr.

But I need to say instead: As God wills. I have been praying that we can find the right care provider for my dd, and so perhaps this is part of how it will work out. We need some divine intervention, what with our "make phone calls until we find someone taking new patients and who takes our insurance" method …

A Day Ahead of Schedule

I sort of have it laid out in my mind, what needs to happen prior to the big move on Saturday.

And surprisingly, this is Wednesday, and my list is short. Everything is packed except for clothes, towels, and kitchen...oh, and a few last items in the living room that will likely get dumped into a box labeled "Misc." late Friday night.

Today I need to pack the clothes. That involves folding some laundry and sticking some hanging things in the wardrobe boxes, a few items in a suitcase, and boxing up the rest. All the kids clothes are in big rubbermaid totes already, so that's automatically done.

After that, it's just the kitchen, and let me tell ya, I think I can pre-pack most of that as well. Not having much to eat in the house is helpful. Seems I'm making daily grocery runs for random things we run out of like smart balance margarine.

Last night I emptied the big freezer the rest of the way and unplugged it, so a bit of spray and wipe action and it will be…


I think it happens in stages. Perceptions get distorted and for a while, before you are very far down the slope, you still know that the distortions are distortions. That the voices aren't real, but you hear them anyways, and at first the voice is your own voice and you don't know if it's your own thoughts or what. (And the irony is, that it ALL is...). That for instance your hand doesn't really have a face on it, but it seems like it, anyways. Or that the sofa or church pew is not actually projecting your thoughts at you, but it seems like it, anyways.

And its a twilight zone of trying to cope, while you are still on your way down that slope into being totally out of touch with reality.

And everyone around you is normal, and you are huddling under a table...literally.

Of course, I don't know for sure.

I'm just the mom.

Please pray for us. We are moving this week and my daughter is NOT doing well. Do we run to the doc here, or do we expedite getting her…

Some Guy at Church

was complaining today that I don't update my blog often enough. I told him it was because if I wrote something every day, my posts would be very stupid. Case in point.

Tomorrow I'll have a funny picture to post.

Halloween Candy Recall

go to

This is a TRUE recall of chocolate coins that are from China and have the same chemical in them that all that contaminated milk in China contained. It's something to be aware of.

We don't do Halloween here, but we are not above eating chocolates, and you know how it is. I told one friend and her son had gotten some chocolate coins at a library function the night before. No way to tell if they were the recalled brand or not, but better safe than sorry.

They are istributed at Costco and Dollar Stores in Canada.

What I'm doing now

Egads. A week from tomorrow we move!

The house is full of boxes and chaos, although I'm trying hard to keep things sane. It's not easy to do. The packing is slowed down to a crawl as we approach the last minute flurry of boxing things that we will need up until Thursday or so. Next week I go hard core on the kid's rooms, etc.

I had the yen for a thrift store run (this yen always strikes me when I'm in a particular lowish-mood, since I find rifling through racks of mostly ugly clothes rather soothing) yesterday, and I scored two identical pairs of GAP bluejeans (low rise, flair leg) that fit me perfectly. yay. Now I shall get rid of the ugly pinchy ones cluttering up my closet. Also found some black shirts which I needed for my fall/winter wardrobe. Woo hoo.

I learned from this experience that Wes does NOT like to wear sweaters with a big stripe across the chest. Oh well, it only cost $2.50 and maybe I can return it. Funny how you can live with a person for…

What I said...

...versus what I meant.

Last Saturday at Handmaidens meeting, some folks were suggesting that I ought to make the trek back for Handmaidens meetings once a month, from Louisville.

I said, rather vehemently I think, something to the effect of "No, I can't come back! Let me go!"

I know what was being said was an expression of love. I feel loved, that was wonderful. What I meant by that, is that when we move, as hard as it is to say goodbye and to "let go", we really need to firmly plant ourselves in our new parish.

This does not mean we won't show up at St. Athanasius now and again. We fully plan to do so. We plan to come back for baptisms and such, for sure.

St. Athanasius will always be the place where we became Orthodox Christians, and for that reason will always be "home" in the sense that one might "go home" to Grandma's house for a special occasion or whatnot. It's our launch pad.

But we also need to find a new hom…

Am I there Yet?

Sometimes as I travel down the road of life, I hear my own voice asking from my own backseat: "Am I there yet?" in that whiney voice only a child who has been traveling for more than ten seconds can muster. You know the one I mean. Fraught with impatience with the journey and eagerness to get to the destination. "Are we there yet?"

So, for years I've been thinking off and on about Titus 2: 3. I'll quote it in context:

"But as for you, teach what befits sound doctrine. Bid the older men be temperate, serious, sensible, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness. Bid the older women likewise to be reverent in behavior, not to be slanderers or slaves to drink; they are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husband and children, to be sensible, chaste, domestic, kind, and submissive to their husbands, that the word of God my not be discredited. Likewise urge the younger men to control themselves. Show yourself in a…


I'm up to my neck in boxes around here, and I've officially given our home school a three week holiday. There's just no way I can handle helping kids with their school work along with getting ready to move.

It seems like each box holds so little, and an endless supply is needed. But I've not run out yet, and if necessary, I can always send Wes to fetch more at Kroger, 11pm. That's when the stockers are busy and the boxes are available. Mind boggling how much cardboard gets used and baled and recycled each night. I hate to think what was done with boxes before recycling existed.

Which brings to mind some thoughts on possessions: We (and by this I am talking collectively of most Americans) generally own too much. Our lifestyles necessitate each family unit owning "one of everything", and in general people don't share very much. The idea of sharing items such as a lawn mower, or other yard tools is perhaps more palatable than the idea of two fa…

Some Good Children's Books

I was at a women's Bible Study tonight...rather a discussion group discussing a book written about one of the books in the Bible...

But one of the women there was mentioning wanting to find good books for her to read with her daughter, aged three-ish.

This made me remember my very favorite series of books when my own daughter was wee:

The "Alfie" books, by Shirley Hughes.

The illustrations are so charming, and the stories are comprised of little vignettes: They types of adventures only the very young who are disovering the world around them for the first time can experience. These books are charming through and through, and have enough text in them to make for some substantial reading time, enough interest to keep mom happy, and beautiful illustrations to charm anyone who peruses them.

Here's a link to one of them: The Big Alife and Annie Rose Storybook

Soy Yogurt How To

Scald a quart of soy milk in a clean pan. Boil little glass cups from yogurt maker.

Stir in 1/8 tsp of yogurt starter (or a tablespoon or so of soy yogurt), once it has cooled to tepid. Don't do what I did one time, and stick your finger in there to check it, though, or you will deposit all kinds of bacteria into the milk which will then multiply in the yogurt maker, yielding a very stinky mess instead of yogurt. I test the milk by getting some with a clean spoon and sticking my finger in that, and then throwing what's in the spoon, and the spoon itself into the sink.

Pour into glass containers and place in yogurt maker. Plug in, turn on and forget about it for eight hours.

Try not to wonder whether the fly that ever-so-briefly landed on one of the cups before you got the lid on will have deposited wondrous amounts of bacteria which will incubate as well. You will find out soon enough.

A Picture of my Day

outside my window ~ Sunshine, blue skies, changing trees except for the huge evergreen holly bush that dominates all, neighbor's lawnmower humming.

daily rhythm ~After lunch quiet. Kids doing school work and asking more questions than I'd like for them to. Blogging and giving a spelling test simultaneously. Feeling stressed and in pain.

I am thankful for ~ No errands to run today.

in the kitchen ~ soy yogurt in the yogurt maker, a few dirty dishes in the sink.

Everyone's been grabbing their own food today. Don't know what dinner will be.

I am wearing ~ clothes that don't match very well: A striped skirt, an orange t-shirt and a sage green t-shirt fabric long sleeved "jackety thing" , and a pink hat.
I hate my outfit. Would it be frivolous to change?

I am creating ~ A blog post, and some flannel pads.

Bringing beauty to my home ~ By plotting to pack a few more boxes later today.

I am reading ~ Nothing much, currently.

I am hoping ~ To move in a few weeks. Hoping to …
The sink is full of dirty dishes and the couch is covered in unfolded laundry. There is even more of that waiting in the laundry room. Half the living room seems to be filled with boxes waiting to be packed, and to top it all off, I have several phone calls I need to make today.

And here I sit. On the computer.

Sipping coffee.

And I didn't even mention that fact that I should be guiding the kids through their lessons. Thankfully, that means doing morning prayers and Scripture reading time, and then telling them to get to work. But it's Friday, so it also means giving spelling and vocabulary tests.

And here I sit. On the computer.

Sipping coffee.

I'll get it all done. Really, I will. It's a gorgeous day, and I'm not required to go anywhere except out to exercise later on.

So here I sit. On the computer.

Sipping coffee.

And now my daughter wants to make yogurt in the very icky kitchen, and she doesn't seem to get the fact that icky kitchens are N…

My Trip to Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery

I'd like to say that my trip to the monastery was something in the category of the spiritually sublime, amazing or wonderful. But it wasn't. It was actually just rather ordinary with moments of frustration and moments of joy sprinkled thoughout.

It was good to go, and very good to be there. Don't get me wrong. The grounds were just so beautiful, and I always love being in the mountains. The monks were holding a prayer service in the outdoor chapel with a tent set up to expand it, covering the icons we could venerate, and the cross, and the pilgrims gathered outside the tent.

There was also a large tent set up with tables and chairs where we sat to eat the simple supper that was provided. It was all very lovely.

A gentle atmosphere prevaded amongst the people. Everyone was kind and wonderful to one another. I could tell that many holy prayers filled that place.

My first thought, since it was a monastery and all the women were wearing headcoverings was "Hey,…

Where my thoughts are coming from

The post I wrote about my political misgivings is just that: My political misgivings based on a bit of personal paranoia, worst case scenario thinking.

I can't seem to find the article I read which spawned yesterday's post, and I can't remember where I found it linked from (bad grammar), but in my snooping, I came upone an article that summarizes very well some of my concerns.

I will say that I have a great deal of respect for Hospice care, etc. But my misgivings are based on a conversation I had with a friend of mine who at one time was in a situation where a lethal dose of morphine was involved. Then my mind got to spinning and I started (see above about the worst-case-scenarios going through my head) thinking of the possibilities.

Nowhere did I actually read anything written that there's any sort of Right-to-Die push on a national level, or by any political party right now.

It's just my own paranoid speculation. My mind goes there.

Of course, what do I …

I may not get to vote!

If we move on Nov. 1, it will most likely mess up our chance to vote, won't it? I dont' know. Seems like it would. I need to figure out who to call to get an answer to that question.

But that's OK. Lately I've been very flummoxed.

I"m against the war. No way no how no McCain/Palin (I keep typing Pain and have to go back and add the "L").

But then I'm totally creeped out by the following idea:

As in Oregon currently, where assisted suicide is legal...and where folks on the state medical plan don't get medical treatment paid for if they are given only 6 months to live, but only "comfort care" as the state run suicide plan is soon in Washington State.

Once it's in Washington and Oregon, how about someone decides to make a push for this lovely culture of death idea to be nationalized?

...All at the same time that National Health Care goes into effect.

And suddenly we are living in the land of the free and the ho…

Cooking: Great Depression Style!

Here we go again, folks, and it's time we dust off those skills our great grandmothers and grandmothers could have taught us. I'm sure every family has some home grown recipes, some sort of kitchen lore on what was for eatin' during hard times.

Perhaps hard times are here again. Anna, over at Veiled Glory posted a charming YouTube video of Depression Era Cooking. The meal has some remarkable similarities to my newly dubbed "Deliciousness"

This has inspired this post: What Depression Era cooking lore does your family possess which might be resurrected, dusted off, and reinvented for these coming hard times?

Two things that come to mind: My mother always made this hideous soup when I was a kid, and swore the recipe came straight out of the Depression. I think it might have been dubbed "Depression Soup", and that's certainly how I felt when I had to eat it. But it was food. And it was never quite as bad as the anticipation of it: The soup consi…

A List of Happy Things

I've been so stressed out and in the doldrums lately, that this morning, I have determined to make a list of happy things.

Went to the monastery this weekend. IT was a wonderful whirlwind trip, and I promise I will write a post with some pictures on that topic soon. Later today, after I upload the pics.

We have a moving date: Nov. 1! I packed my first sixteen boxes yesterday. Glad I've been culling and decluttering as I go along. This is a good time to do even more of that. We filled our rosie (recycling bins are NAMED here in Lexington) with lots of papers this past weekend.

I find that I LIKE the physical aspects of moving, because it's a good chance to clean everything.

Got up early enough this morning to see the sky go from dark to pink out my window.

Coffee...drinking coffee...yum!

Our new dwelling place is going to be bigger than our current dwelling place. And newer. With more bathrooms. I consider that an upgrade.

A brother in Christ was very kind to me …

The Hardest Thing

Is admiting that on some level it makes me really really angry when I can only get a fraction of the things done that I need to get done. I've blogged about it before.

Today started out with an emergency dentist visit for my son, who had a crumbling and loose baby tooth. He ended up having it pulled, and it came out in four pieces. The dentist said it was cracked due to some sort of trauma, but that the tooth had also been in the process of dissolving. Or course for me, this conjures us creepy images of the Senator dissolving, on the first X-Men movie. Eeeeew. E was brave though, and I bought him a deck of Pokemon cards to reward him for his bravery whilst getting the shot.

Buying a kid who has painful dental work done a present is a family tradition that goes back to when I was a kid, and my mom did the same for me. I remember one particularly charming rubber ball, patterned in red, yellow, blue and white. It was bouncy and cute and going to the toy store after my denti…

Snaps of my Day

Finally I have the fabric purchased for my Goods 4 Girls donation project!

Here is a very cute and colorful basket of knitted bears that my daughter has made. That's a bushel sized laundry basket full, and they keep coming!

Alas! I made way too much hazelnut iced coffee. Too bad you weren't here to drink some with me.

The Balancing Act

I'm having a little bit of trouble balancing my stuff these days. I tend to always fall behind on grading the kid's schoolwork, not so much because I'm slacking off (indeed, every day is full and I am going non-stop until I run. out. of. energy. ) but because I do run out of energy. That's a bummer, and I have to work really hard to NOT fall into self pity.

But I have to live with my body as it is, and not sit around wishing for that which is not, so it's time for me to find some ways to cope with my 2/3-3/4 situation. What I mean is, that's the fraction of energy I have compared to what I need.
My plan is to do school for five days, and a grading day in between. Then school for five days...etc. But I don't mean Saturdays. Saturdays have their own work. So this means that our summer "break" will be shorter, but that our on-going lives will be more sane during the school year.

Another thing, besides grading, that I'm finding particu…