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The Amazing Soup

I made an amazing soup tonight. It's completely lenten, dairy free, gluten free (sorry, not paleo this time)...and it was SOOOOO GOOD. And we had more than half a gallon of leftovers because I made a bit vat of it and it was very filling. Yum.

And then I put it in a jar and went to put it in the fridge...and slipped. And it fell on the floor, and crashed and spilled broken glass and hot soup all over my feet.

My feet are OK. Only three band-aids needed. The soup was hot but not scalding.

I am very sad about not having those leftovers, though.

Here's the recipe:

Chop: 5 or 6 stalks of celery, 1 large onion, and about a cup of carrots. Sautee these in the bottom of the pan with some coconut oil. Add a big dollop of minced garlic (as much as you like, I like a lot).

Peel and cube a 5 pound bag of potatoes. Peel and cube 2 turnips (or a couple extra potatoes). I added the turnips to add variety to the nutrition of the soup.

Add this to the pot, 1/2 T. salt, or…

Mid Lent Update

Well, Lent is going along just fine here at our house. I've discovered that keeping the right balance (as in LOTS) of fruits and vegetables in my diet is making it possible for me to keep the fast for the most part (still the occasional egg or can of tuna). I'm very grateful for this and it is an answered prayer.

Another interesting answer to that prayer I prayed, the "God, help me to fast and help me not to eat so much food" prayer: I got pneumonia. I was really really sick for five days, running a very high fever off and on for five days before I finally made it to the doctor. I was surprised at the pneumonia diagnosis, but that's what it was. So they put me on the type of antibiotics that can kill the plague, or anthrax, gave me a nebulizer and some albuterol, some cough medication pills, and some mucinex, and sent me on my way.

All those things...I needed them. So that basically took a solid two weeks out of my life. I have nothing but gratitude to…