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Nothing to Say

I have absolutely nothing to say, but I am going to say this nothing anyway. The decaf coffee is dripping into the pot this morning, and there are almond flour muffins in the oven. It is Thursday. The world outside my window is gray and wet, except oddly enough, there is a fine layer of snow on both our cars. Nowhere else, just the cars. I have a theory about the ground warming up and about cold metal boxes. We’ll go with that, why don’t we?

The cats are wrestling in the hallway, feeling fat and sassy after their morning meal. They look healthy and fine and all things good about cats. They are extremely good looking cats, but we’ve noted to ourselves that although ordinary and cat-ike, they do not seem to be the most intelligent cats we’ve ever met. But that’s OK. We did not hire them for their brains.

People are starting to wake up. I just heard the bathroom door open, and some freshly washed person has emerged. An alarm clock is going off, predicting the arrival upstair…

In the Middle of a Flare

Yesterday I had what I like to call a “pain day”. I was in pain. I blame the perfect combination of the cold front moving in, and the fact that I had a rather strenuous day of grocery shopping at multiple stores behind me the day before. The pain and extreme fatigue actually started on Thursday evening, and went through the night and all day yesterday. Today I am forcing myself to rest and recover, and setting some small goals along the way, so that my whole day is not wasted.

But I still did some good things yesterday. I had an extended chat with someone about special needs elimination diet food issues. It’s always good to connect with a kindred spirit who also has Autism Spectrum kids...someone who understands. I suppose that connection goes both ways. What a blessing.

After lunch I decided to force myself to do something and so I did something fun that brought me pleasure: I got out my pretty china and I set the table and took some pictures of it. I also made tea and …

Virtual Tea Party