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Sorry this blog's been so quiet lately. It's been a very busy summer. We moved! Moving was quite the accomplishment and we feel so very blessed. God provided all the energy we required to get the job done. Yes, I did fall off the GAPS diet while we were moving (those Rolo McFlurries at McDonald's kept calling our names while we were moving in the 100 degree heat!), but now it's time for the straight and narrow. Two of my kids had birthdays this week, so the cake's been eaten (happens every August) and now I'm officially off non-gaps legal sugars again. Next week I'll go grain free and that will be good. Baby steps, right?

I'm really really really enjoying our house. It has a den/family room/tv room downstairs, and a garage and one bedroom. Upstairs is living room, dining/kitchen, and bathroom with three more bedrooms. Two of those have been turned into one big bedroom, and so that's the perfect place to put all three girls.

And now, s…