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Confessions of a Spiritual Lackwit

I feel like I'm in a place in my life where I am slowly moving forward. I know that having more energy than I had heretofore helps a lot with that, although honestly, this week has been a struggle, since I do feel like I'm "down with something vague". Various of my youngsters are feeling the same way, so it is probably not just my imagination.

As a mother, I can see that my kids are growing up and my relationships with them are changing a bit. They are challenging me! It's not always easy but they aren't shy about calling my crap crap, and so I'm trying to work hard on the virtues of gentleness and patience as I parent them through their teen years. I tend, by nature, to be loud and blustery and they don't. like. that. I'm working on it, though. Really, I am.

Sometimes it is hard to be patient with all of their various issues.

We had a big family meeting about meal times over dinner last night. One of my goals it to pre-plan my dinners …

Adventures with my Stupid Tooth: Edited Verson due to TMI complaint

In the past few years I've had two root canals and two crowns put into my mouth. This makes a total of three (yes, weak teeth is another one of those celiac things, apparently). And crowns are not cheap. In fact, I was in pain for over a year because I needed TWO root canals and could only affford to do one per year. But all that is in the past now.

Well, a week ago, I had made a crock pot fudge lava cake for my dd's sleepover, and while I was eating a small portion of that gooeyness, I lost one of my crowns. This was the SECOND time this particular crown had come loose, much to my dentist's astonishment. It's rare to lose them once. It's ultra rare to lose them twice.

I'm ultra-rare, but we already knew that, now didn't we?

So, the crown was gone.

Down the hatch. And as the saying goes, what goes in, must come out.

So, I waited upon it's joy-filled returned to the land of daylight.

Today, I took it to the dentist to sterilize and re-insert. I ask…

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I remember getting on a bus that day. It was November 2, 1982 and the bus was departing from in front of the SBB Bahnhof (train station) in Basel, Switzerland, headed for the airport in Mulhouse, France. (I could be wrong...but that's what I remember).

It was gray. I remember thinking that perhaps I'd never see this place again. I had the urge to kiss the ground and say goodbye but I did not do that.

I have no memories of the transatlantic flight, but I guess I must have some of flying in to New York City because I can't see pictures of the Statue of Liberty without choking up.

Of course I was excited. I was also scared out of my wits. I was coming to America and heretofore it was not my home. From now on it would be.

I remember flying from New York to Boston and the being picked up by a friend of my parents'. We stayed with them that first week. I've been to Boston in the fall! (unlike Larry the cucumber in the Pirates that don't do Anything song!)