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Do I get to stop being busy yet?

Today I went and picked up some milk, cream, butter, cream cheese, grassfed beef...that sort of thing from the farmer I buy them from.

Then we stopped by the Home School Book Swap, where Ariana hurt herself on the big blow up bouncy thing. Moon Walk, I think it was called, and where I spent far too much grocery money in order to save loads of money on our home school supplies for next year.

Then it was rushing home for a quick lunch and a change and out the door to sing in the choir at a funeral. And that took LOTS longer than I'd planned...this time we went out to the cemetery, then back to the parish hall for a luncheon, which of course I didn't feel like skimping on (the social stuff, not the food).

Fortunately, our chiropractor was able to fit Ariana in late this afternoon, so that now her back feels much much better. She'd torqued it wrong and I think has finally become a believer in chiorpractic care as a result of today's mishap and the fact that she's …


It seems like so many of the "mom" type blogs or websites are dedicated to the diaper set. There's something really special about those early years of parenting and I do look back with fondness on the times when chubby little arms and legs surrounded me and filled my lap.

I loved nursing my babies and toddlers, I loved co-sleeping, babywearing...finding ways to keep them quiet and appropriately occupied in Church. I loved having a toddler in the shopping cart with me while I was running errands, so that I would have someone to talk to and be silly with. And I absolutely loved taking little kids to the park to play. I loved the fellowship of hanging out with other moms who had young kids, too. Those were good times.

But now my kids are older, and this is also a sweet time. My youngest, my baby mind you!, is busy making a huge batch of waffles that will go in the freezer for toaster waffles. She's doing the waffles! (Motherly arm-waving "yays"!) It&#…

One thing leads to another...

I baked bread...two loaves of whole wheat molasses bread, and also got some sour dough rye started for next week. Starting the starter takes seven days.

Ariana wanted some berries with her toaster waffle, so I put some on the stove to simmer, and accidentally added too much water. So I added more berries, some agave nectar, and let that cook, and then ran it through the blender with some gelatin for some homemade fridge jam. That was unplanned. But nice.

Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at lactofermentation, and make some sauerkraut of sorts. But to do that, I needed whey. I thought about making yogurt, but opted for some farmer's cheese instead, because I was also curious about that process. Four cups of milk yielded a small amount-several ounces- of farmer's cheese which tastes like Mozzarella. I gussied it up with some homegrown basil, salt and pepper. Yum.

Then I took half a cup of that whey and added it to the chopped cabbage, onion and carrot mixture, bea…

Chicken Truck

No my video, but it could have been. This is what we saw, only up close and in greater detail.

Thinking about Chickens

So, we are driving down the road. On our way home from a holiday at the parents' house in western Missouri. Lovely countryside, those Ozarks!

Ok, so we are tooling along I-44, and we pass two semi trucks. They are both hauling chickens. Imagine this: A semi truck, stacked as high as it can be, with crates of chickens. Each chicken crate is about an inch bigger than each chicken. Wire. One could see right in.

These were freak of nature genetically bred oversized birds, too. OK, You know the size of a chicken breast at a restaurant? Think how big that is. Now, think about the last time you were on a farm and saw a real live chicken. Those are NOT the chickens that will yield the big chicken breast that's on your plate. No, in order to get one like that you need genetic mutation chickens. Like the ones in the truck.

These chickens were sick. Patches of featherless skin. Ripped and raw red, pink. White feathers flying at our windshield in the wind. Were the on…

Busy, busy!

So this week has been so crazy, and it's all boring mundane stuff that is barely worth blogging about. But here goes: On Monday I had two kids to get their camp physicals, and someone to go to her last speech therapy evaluation. So lots of running around. And I made bread, and did other house holdy things.

Our dryer kicked the bucket...again. We've replace the heating coil on that thing so many times and we know it's expensive. We decided not to this time. Instead, we've figured out how to air dry our laundry inside our apartment and look forward to significant energy savings on that front. So we are being eco friendly and thrifty all at the same time. Perhaps the new laundry rhythm will enable/force me to stay on top of things better.

Yesterday was errand craziness. More camp physicals and then I took the two kids with broken glasses and myself to the eyedoc for what we needed there. B and myself both ended up with new perscriptions and M go a perscriptio…

Chicken Salad

Here is a very wholesome and nourishing chicken salad that contains lots of good fruits and veggies, plenty of protein and some healthy fats:

First, make some mayo: Two eggs, a goodly splash of lemon juice, a squirt of brown mustard and salt and pepper in the blender. Turn it on. Then veeeeeeery slowly drizzle in 2 cups of olive oil while the blender is still on. Taste. Add a bit of stevia if needed.

Stick the mayo in the fridge (glass bowl is best).

chop and add to a big bowl:

4 free range farm fresh boiled eggs
leftover chicken meat I had about 2 cups, perhaps a bit more
6-8 small red radishes
2 large green onions
2 stalks of celery
2 red apples

then rummage around in the fridge to see if there are any leftover baked potatoes. Those can be chopped and added. Tonight there were no potatoes, but there was some cooked brown rice! Throw that in as well (no more than a cup of the rice total.

Stir all of this and add a couple of dollops of that homemade mayo. Stir, and salt/pepper to …

I'm Trying to Raise some Christians Here!

Yesterday, I was so proud of my son.

You see, there was a group of kids on the play ground, including a new kid that E wanted to get to know and hopefully become friends with. (E is nothing if not persistent in his thus-far failed attempts at making friends.) But unfortunately, the new kid was hangin' with some not-new kids who wanted nothing to do with my son, for whatever reason.

And one of the girls decided to tell a THREE year old, to start beating on E. Hard. This little guy is a nasty little bruiser, and so he readily started beating on my son, who is ten.

Immediatelly the girls started making fun of E for getting beat up by a three year old. E knew there was no way he could hit back or defend himself. It would just be so wrong for a ten year old to strike a three year old. No matter what.

So E did the right thing and did not defend himself, and walked away.

I couldn't be more proud. I just hope that E can figure out that those particular kids are not worth …

Some level of Hell

It's been a mere five or six weeks since the doctor bumped B's meds up and she was doing great, awesome and wonderful.

And now the "new" has worn off of this dose, and she's back to miserable, unfocused, scared and schizzy with strange thoughts and an inability to cope or do math.

This has happened every. single. time.

Makes me want to weep.

Hope, and then dashed hope. Prayers for stability and the right dose for longer than a month seem to go unanswered so far.

God's will be done. This is hard.

And according to an article on adrenal fatigue that seems to have been written all about me, I'm supposed to cut down on the stress in my life???????


I found some rabbit meat for sale at the farmer's market this Saturday.

So I bought some. I was pretty excited, as I still remember a really good rabbit dish that a french friend of ours used to make way back several decades ago on another continent, in another life...

So I thawed the rabbit. Put it in the crockpot and 1 cup dry white wine, chopped up mushrooms and onions, and cooked it on high for the time we were at Church...aprox 4 hours.

The meat was tender and falling off the bone when we got home and the house smelled REALLY good.

I removed the meat and transferred the sauce to a skillet, whisked in some flour and some sour cream, salt and pepper, and back over the meat.

Served of course over egg noodles and some fresh local spinach on the side.

It was a good Mother's day dinner. And to make up for the fact that I cooked lunch, Wes took us to Pizza Hut for supper. Yeah, I know. Pizza Hut is plebian, but our family likes it.

Rabbit in white wine sauce = Yum!

Christians and Hijab...some thoughts

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a fascination with head covering. I've done it, I've not done it. I go back and forth. It's this thing for me. My current practice is to wear a mantilla during Church and for formal prayers at home. I've done doilies, I've done scarves, I've done hats, I've done full time, part time, none at all...the whole gamut.

But one place where I draw the line: looking like something I"m not. And because of that need, to fit into my own particular genre of Christianity, I've shied away from wearing Mennonite bonnets, doilies (since becoming Orthodox) or Hijab. I also don't want to look like a monastic wannabe. That was a thought that struck me really strongly when I visited the monastery at the beginning of lent: I am not a nun, nor a wannabe, and there's always been a strong dividing line, in Orhtodoxy, between the monastics and regular laity, in the sense that we are still in the world, and they are no…

My Head is Spinning

It seems that my kids are going to go to Antiochian Village Camp in about FIVE weeks, for a two week camp experience, thanks to some scholarships through our parish. I'm bowled over, humbled and so very grateful.

That means I have a long list of things to get ready for them, to be away for two weeks, each will need some additions to their wardrobes (one of the advantages/drawbacks of home schooling is, it requires less of a wardrobe, potentially, and I don't think my kids have enough pants, for instance, to go for a week without laundry), two the girls will need swimsuits, and I'll have to put lables in everyone's clothes and make sure they have rain gear, too.

And do we even OWN that many (four) suitcases?

Well, we will soon enough.

But just think:

For the first time in FIFTEEN years I will have two weeks to myself.


What will I EVER do with myself?

Prayers appreciated, especially for my son, E, who is Aspieish and not much of a people person, tha…

Finally, a good blouse pattern!

I've had a yen for the perfect blouse pattern (for sewing) for a long time. I'm sick and tired of t-shirts. For one thing, I'm fat fuller figured, and t-shirts are just an extra layer of sloppy, if you know what I mean.

So, I highly recommend, for all you seamstresses out there, the Romantic Blouse pattern .

The problem was, this pattern goes up to a size smaller (XL) than the size I needed (2X). The cut is generous, however, and with a few small changes, the blouse fits me perfectly.

I did not have to change any cutting lines to make it bigger. Instead, I modified the sewing a wee bit, by making smaller darts in the bodice instead of the big pleats the pattern calls for. I also added pleats at the sleeve cuff so that the sleeve would not sick out so much. And while I left all the seam allowances alone that had to do with the sleeves, collar, etc, I definitely sewed a narrower seam allowance on the side seams. This pattern allows for 5/8 inch seam allowances, and…

Farmer's Market

I was pretty thrilled to finally go to a little Farmer's Market here in Louisville yesterday morning. It was positively microscopic compared with the vast enterprise that is Farmer's Market in Lex, but nonetheless, it was wonderful. I doubt that I could have as easily found as much as I bought yesterday, had I been at a bigger (and more confusing) market.

In the parking lot of a Presbyterian church down on Bardstown road, it was a small gathering of booths and trucks and tables. Some muscicians graced us with a bit of fiddle and guitar music, and the chill air was held at bay over in the Heine Brother's Coffee booth, where folks could buy a cup of coffee to sip while they shopped.

I bought:

Fresh Greens
Local Honey (2 pounds!)
Two dozen local eggs
5 pounds of local, grass fed beef at an incredible four dollars per pound!
Big vat o' lard (non hydrogenated!)
Radishes! (the greens are edible, too, you know).
Green onions
A basil plant to grow in our container garden