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For years I've been restraining my more eccentric urges, hoping to somehow pass for normal and making myself miserable in the process. Feeling torn and miserable all the time is no way to live. Yes, it's true.

So, I've decided to just go with the flow of who I am and not worry so much about what others might think of this particular middle-aged lady (am I middle aged yet? I'm sure not trying to be young anymore.) Yeah, it's probably a developmental milestone or something that comes along with getting wee little hot flashes.

Too bad they don't make a book called "What to Expect the Thirty-Ninth Year".

I bet wee little hot flashes would be in such a book. As well as finally arriving at the notion that nobody really cares whether one is eccentric or not, so one might as well be as weird as one desires. (All within moral, ethical and religious boundaries, of course). Ha!

So I feel better. I was pretty depressed and shed many tears this past week…

Aaron Shust "My Savior My God"

One of my favorites. This is the type of thing we listen to in the car.


Yesterday, after playing in the sand pit for a while, my youngest came in crying because some kid was throwing sand at her and messing up her building efforts. WHY do kids act like that? You'd think this sort of behavior would be nipped in the bud by the time a child is eight or nine or ten years old. It's just juvenile and ridiculous. So, I went out and had a little chat with the offender, which may or may not help the future situation, as he would barely talk to me, and basically rolled his eyeballs at me the whole time. Next time (please God, don't let there be a next time) his mama's gonna hear about it.

Well, a few minutes after she came in, A realized she'd lost her mood ring. Her beloved mood ring that she's saved up her allowance to buy, from the Bernheim Forrest Gift Shop. I was rather proud of her. She saw the mood rings there the first time we visited, and then set aside her penchant for buying candy, and started doing chores and saving her qu…

Lovely Feast of the Annunciation

Matins this morning was starting at 5:45 and of course I did not plan on making that...just liturgy at 7 am. But my two oldest were up and ready at the crack-o-dawn and woke me up, so at 5:59 we were out the door and headed over there. It was nice. No clock, no way to keep track of time, so you just step out of time for a while and listen and pray. Being up and at Church that early reminded me of being at the monastery a few weeks ago. That same timeless feeling.

I love the candle light in the morning darkness. After about forty five minutes a bird could be heard heralding the coming sunrise outside the cracked chapel window, and more people started drifting in, and the sky started lightening. And soon enough I noticed that choir members were drifting towards the choir corner, so I did too.

Liturgy was wonderful and rousing. But I got very dizzy part way through and had to sing sitting down.

We went on home after (I think I heard a rumor of food in the fellowhsip hall but …

Crazy, crazy Lent so far...

and of course I can't stay away from the blogging. But I have cut back.

So, what's been happening with me, you wonder? Well, my back is way better than it has been in YEARS, thanks to a new chiropractor and some custom orthotics in my shoes. Wow. Walking without pain. Who knew?

I had a very nice trip up to Holy Dormitian monastery the first weekend of Lent. That was fabulous. It rained the entire time, like cats and dogs, but I got to pray, pray and pray some more. My family's health needs, especially my oldest but also my son were particularly on my heart.

B is not doing too hot. Barely muddling along. Please pray with us that God would either heal her, or help us find the right meds for her to be on so that her illness can become stabilized. Her current meds: less than perfect but better than nothing.

All the kids being so funky and ill feels like spiritual warfare. So we pray, pray, and pray some more. God have mercy.

Home school plods along in much …

Cute Quote

"Mom, you're the best, best, best, best, best, best, best Mom ever [thoughtful pause]...except for the Theotokos."----Ariana (my youngest)

I thought it was cute.

Forgiveness Sunday

Forgive me, a sinner, for all my sins and offenses against you.