Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eeeek! A Snake!

So the kids were in the back yard the other day, and saw a snake! I was pretty sure it was only a garter snake, but I did not let them pick it up, since I was not sure. This is a picture of one just like what we had, so now I know. But still...snake germies! eeeeew!

It slithered away under the back porch, hotly pursued by an interested cat. Our cats have been hunting up a storm lately, especially the aptly named Hunter. He got rid of our mouse problem within a few short weeks of us adopting him. These days he thinks it is his job to rid the world of as many birds as possible. No nest is safe.

Too bad, because I really would get a bird feeder going if it weren't that the cat would turn such a venture into a holocaust. As it is, I just watch them do their thing (we have lots of bushes and there is quite a large bird population situated near and around our house, and root for the birds whenever the cat prowls.

Snakes...he can have those!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Go Fly a Kite!

With the recent onset of spring, I have been unexpectedly gripped with kite mania. My first attempt this year was made from some rather thinnish dowel rods, christmas wrapping paper (gold with big red balls on it), lots of clear packing tape and some 12# fishing line, and a cut up garbage bag for the tail. It worked. We flew that kite (we have the perfect spot at the park about half a block from our house) for a good long while several days ago before it was ruined in the rain. When it got wet and came down, it hit a fence and one of the thin dowel rods snapped.

I thought the kids would be more demanding about getting time to hold the line, and they were to some extent, but ultimately they found more joy in running around under the kite yelling things like "code yellow" or "code red" whenever the kite dips and swayed below certain landmarks they had determined amongst themselves to be significant. They called themselves the Kite Tracking Squad. It's nice they had fun, and I didn't have to share as much as I might have....he he he.

Kite attempt number two was yesterday. I rummaged around to see if we had any more dowel rods lying about and found one. I re-used the previously used thinner one as the cross piece and the bigger, slightly heavier one was the long part. This was a much bigger kite. I called it the monster. Consequently, it snapped the 12# fishing line as soon as I attempted lift off. Home again, disappointed.

So, last night I went and got some 30# line. Also found, some dollar-a-yard fabric and I'm going to do THE MONSTER up right. She will be fabric. She will FLY! And she will be PINK with RED FLOWERS! Aaaaack! Only me. I know. It will be a very nerdy looking kite. But how COOL is that?

I briefly considered wearing the Amelia Earhart hat while flying the public. My kids thought that was a great idea, but I don't really want social services mistaking me for a crazy person and getting involved in my life in unpleasant ways. And besides, my daughter took that hat to school for "crazy hat day", today. This will help me control my weirdo urges.

Well, once MONSTER is done, I'll try to post a picture. She won't be THAT big, but the fabric looks like something I would wear if left to my own un-fashion devices. Hope the 30# line is strong enough.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chocolate for Breakfast

...lets see how the rest of the day goes!

Hot cocoa: two heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder, four of splenda, dash of salt and lid of vanilla in pot...boiling water and stir. Add milk of choice as a "topper".

Chocolate nut butter fudgy stuff: take unsweetened peanut butter (in my case I used crunchy soy nut butter...any nut butter would work.)...a good sized dollop. Add cocoa powder and splenda to taste. Microwave for a few seconds (30 is more than sufficient) and it becomes easier to stir. This morning's batch was very dark and fudgy. Can be molded into balls, bricks, fake poop shapes (if you have an eight year old boy, you will understand the concept)...whatever. Sticking it in the freezer firms it back up and provides a candy bar for "on the go"...but who has time for that?

Protein. It's got all the antioxidants and "happy woman" chemicals that chocolate has. No sugar. Not a bad way to start the day.

I hurt my wrist yesterday whilst lifting weights. Today I must take a day off. But if the weather is fine, and it looks like it will be, I'll take a nice girly walk (girly walk is wearing a skirt and birkenstock sandals with kids in tow. Serious walk involves gym shoes/clothes and some sweat. Girly walks are more fun, especially when there are dafodills to be spotted and breezes and birdsong to enjoy.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is just one of those days. It all started out ordinary enough. I'd even cleaned the kitchen very nicely last evening, so the clean tablecloth was waiting to greet me this morning. Everything was peaceful and in order and I did not even need to make sandwiches for my husband because he had leftovers from yesterday's lunch.

And even the weather is cooperating: in the sixties, sunny, breezy, warm. Springtime, daffodil bloomin' weather.

And I got a bunch of e-mails that required lengthy and involved responses...go figure...two different people asking ME about fibro and the guai protocol...I'm helping folks, right? But I totally forgot mornig prayers. How's that possible? (No, not just "I'll do it later", but acutal official forgetting.) And then the phone rang. And we found out that matushka had her baby, and could I make a couple of phone calls? Of course I could. So I left a couple of messages. Then my friend called and wants to know if I could swing by the hospital for a quickie visit. So I get the kids all situated, jump in the shower, interrupt my workout (not all in that order) and rush out the door when she comes. (I love having older kids!)

I get home and the living room is like an explosion, kids have been fighting the entire time, no one got their math done and someone is actually bleeding. (Ok, it was a very small toe cut, probably from a shard of broken dish that was not swept well enough on the dining room floor, but still....)

So the day is catywompus! Up side down. I finally did my exercises, and here I sit, in a nice sweat. I wish I had some sort of graphic to capture this lovely spring day, but he reality of it is, I think I'd better get off here and go pooper scoop the cat box and sweep the floors. THEN perhaps I will have earned some quiet on the back porch.

Oh, wait. I forgot. I have to give an english lesson. Such is life. I think it needs to take place out of doors.

Maybe doing my duty and then having some fun will turn this day right side up again. God have mercy on my happy but catywompus day! (I just like that word, and the fact that I get to invent how to spell it! That's what this entire post is really about, tee hee.)

Monday, March 19, 2007


Up to my neck in Autism stuff. Trying to find a therapist for dd, a new doctor, etc. Learning about therapies available.

Worrying about not having a car and feeling like I really NEED ONE so that I can care for my kids properly, and praying that God will provide.

Praying lots about dh's job situation (if the company where he's contracting gets a bid, he will be hired on to the team!) What sort of insurance will they give us? Will it cover AS therapy? Will we be able to get reimbursement? (We just found out about a program to re-imburse families of Autistic kids for therapies up to $500 a month...this means we may actually be able to HELP our children instead of just ekeing along...God have mercy).

I"m exercising more. Getting stronger. I think I may have been blocking my guaifenesin by using too much stevia and drinking too much tea. No more of that. Been feeling too good lately, even when I take a double dose at night if I forget to take my mornin dose. When I shared that with my support group yesterday one lady immediately said: "OK, what are you blocking on?" Stevia. Ooops. A bit more pain today, so that is a good sign. Pain is good. Means I'm reversing. But much much milder than it used to be. I'm getting better. Following the hypoglycemia diet faithfully makes all the difference in the world in how well or sick I feel. It will always be thus.

I need lunch. Then I'm gonna work out.

I'm crocheting a pretty black lace edging on a black headscarf I made. Holy week is coming. I'm so excited! And the kids have spring break that week, so no school will be missed.

Much is being anticipated. Feels like we are on the cusp of some positive changes. I hope.

The lilac bush is budding green, and the willow across the street has a faint green blur to it. The birds are as busy and as sassy as ever. Cold snap. Matins on the back porch in a warm sleeping bag, today. The wind knocked my icons over. When various kids came out to the porch, I invited them to get in the bag with me, and that made for some good chatting. It's important to have those talks with one's kids now and then, even if prayers have to wait.