hello again

Eleventy billion years ago, when it was newish, I met up with a friend for coffee, and she told me about this new cool thing called facebook.  I fell down that rabbit hole, and it was the death of my blogging.  

I tried over the years to go back to the blog writing, but it was always lacking the energy that it posessed before social media landed in my lap.   

So I am trying to push myself in two new old directions: I want to start reading again (I was going blind and had eye surgeries and my eyes get very tired very quickly when I read paper pages, but my kindle is readable), and I want to start writing again.  Nobody please tell me to "write a book".  Gosh, that will probably never happen and if it does, it won't be because someone told me that I should.  I am stubborn like that.   

So if anyone finds this, who used to read this blog a long time ago, an update: My kids are grown but not flown, my husband died of cancer in 2017 and I work part time at a library NOT as a librarian.  I am still Orthodox Christian.  My health has improved and I like kayaking and spotting wildlife.  I grow roses and I am so over cooking and sewing.  I am simultaneously tied down and at loose ends. 

Hello again.  


elizabeth said…
Hi! Nice to see you here! 🥰
Kindle Fire Mom said…
Welcome back! hooray for feed readers to let me know you’re writing again.
Mat. Anna said…
I’m so glad to see a post from you!
Ruth said…