Low Carb Meal Ideas...Its January, right?

This is a "quick and dirty" post.  I am just listing menu titles...not going to give descriptions.  I figure blog readers who care can extrapolate from the idea and cook their own food, right?  Right.

Everything will be dairy free, nut free, and of course grain free starch free because, low carb...

Italian inspired:  

-Zucchini noodle and turkey sausage meatballs (1/3 pound made into 3 balls), w/ mushrooms and spaghetti sauce. 

-Cauliflower pizza crust w/ sauce, veggies, meat and nutritional yeast sprinkled on. (cheese if you can have it).
-chicken marsala cooked in wine and mushrooms over a bed of sauteed onion and zucchini noodle

French inspired:

coq au vin w/ veggies
beef au vin w/ veggies
spinach quiche
broccoli quiche

Asian inspired:

veg stir fry w/ soy sauce over fried rice made w/ onion, egg and cauliflower rice
can do sweet and sour flavor by adding vinegar and stevia sweetener to the soy sauce. 

Mexican inspired:

fajita filling without the wraps or beans or rice.  salad and guacamole and salsa yum.
chili con carne.  thicken it with a can of pumpkin.

Greek inspired: 

eggplant/tomato/onion/garlic sautee, aka Moussakka
roasted lamb

Indian inspired: 

Lamb curry with mixed vegetables. I would thicken the sauce w/ coconut flour...at least I would try.
chicken curry, also veg in sauce

Continental/American inspired

Burger on oopsie rolls
any kind of roast meat with vegetables (radishes are mild when cooked, a good potato sub)

Eastern Europe inspired: 

sauerkraut meatballs made with just the kraut and meat, no rice.  coconut flour if binder is needed.

meat filled cabbage roll-ups iwth tomato sauce.

Cabbage sauteed with dill and onions. maybe kielbasa with it.

Great Britain and Ireland inspired:

bangers and mash w/ sauteed onions, mushrooms and roasted then pureed cauliflower fauxtatoes, sausages

eggs and bacon or eggs and sausages
paleo bread scone of some sort

Hamburgers and Oopsie roll buns w/ all the fixings...just skip the fries.

big salad with plenty of protein on it.

green bean "casserole" (sautee onion, mushroom, green beans together.  garlic, salt pepper, if you aren't allergic to dairy,go for some sour cream...

Paleo bread recipe:  

1 T. coconut flour
1 T flax meal
pinch salt
pinch baking powder
mix these dry ingredients
add 1 tsp oil, 1 egg. 
stir well,
microwave in whatever shaped container you want it to be shaped as for 1 minutes. 

Alternately use 2 T coconut four and no flax.  can also add sweetener of choice, any flavor extract (I did lemon poppy seed muffin today. 

OR use 2 T cocoa or carob powder
1 T. erythritol/stevia blend (Truvia or Pyure)
pinch salt
flavor extract of choice
pinch baking powder
tsp oil

makes a cake in a mug. 


Mat Anna said…
Thank you! I climbed back on the wagon a couple days ago. Good inspiration.
GretchenJoanna said…
You are going to have fun! I'm working on a similar project this month, but it's easier, as I have not even one other person expecting me to cook for them.

God's blessings in the new year!