About Those Thyroid Meds....

I have been enjoying very very good health the past few years.  I was so very very VERY sick beginning in about 2004, until I started slowly getting better starting in the fall of 2011.  It took at least 5 years of improving nutrition, treating my thyroid and then ultimately some intensive chiropractic care to get me to a better place.  In 2016 when I cut out sugar and the simple carbs, that was the last step.  I got healthy.  I lost 90 pounds.  Life felt AMAZING physically...which was good because I had to be well and had to be strong because Wes was getting sicker and on his last leg of his cancer battle and I started truly carrying his load, and then literally at the end, carrying him. 

God was merciful and allowed me to have strength and health.  I started working out at the gym.  Then of course came the new phase of my life, being widowed.  Part of what that meant is that I switched to medicaid insurance for a year.  And medicaid would not pay for my Armour Thyroid medication.  They switched me to the "generic" which is called NP Thyroid, or NatureThyroid. 

It is not the same.  IT IS NOT THE SAME. 

I have been on NP Thyroid since perhaps last January.  Slowly I have been gaining weight again.  Even though I was working out like a bosslady, took up kayaking, doing weights and cardio and paying attention to my food....

and recently...my knees started hurting again.  My hips started hurting again.  I started getting random fibro pains again.  I double down on my food and clean up the places where I had gotten "lazy"...now mind you, I never did get back into the processed sugars or anything like that.  "Lazy" was occasionally eating corn chips and making a couple of batches of grain free bread.  STILL very careful.  But the illness was creeping back in and I figured it was ALL MY OWN FAULT. 

Yesterday, I saw a blurb of a question on a facebook page that is about Thyroid stuff that I follow (Stop the Thyroid Madness).  The question was:  Has anyone started getting sicker on NP Thyroid, since they changed the formula????

DAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!    they changed their formula???? they changed their formula!!!!!!!  And yes, YES I HAVE BEEN GETTING SICKER....it just took a while for the symptoms to add up into a big enough snowball that it knocked me down again.

I repeated the question on my own wall and some of my fellow thyroid strugglers weighed in.  Weight loss efforts have stalled, people are laying on their sofas and suffering with no energy...it's NOT JUST ME and it is NOT MY FAULT. 

I texted my wonderful doctor this morning and tomorrow I go in for labs and next week I will see her and I will FIX THIS.  I guess one good thing about not having good insurance, is I can buy whatever type of medicine I deem necessary, so long as I pay for it myself.  So I am getting back on Armour and I am tightening up my blood work schedule and I am going to get better.  I must get better.  PLEASE GOD LET ME GET WELL AGAIN. 

When I compare myself to other women and what they have accomplished in life versus what I have accomplished I often feel bad.  This is a reminder to me  I spent 12 years being very very very sick while raising a family.  Of course I couldn't keep up with any side business or blog or career.  I should not be so hard on myself. 

I miss Wes. 


Shamassy Monica said…
Lord, have mercy.
elizabeth said…
oh that's really rotten, about the insurance and meds. I am so glad you have a way forward and I pray that it helps bring you back to health! God bless you...