Anti-Inflammatory Granola

You know how everyone open-secretly hates cooking blogs because they ramble on and on with eight thousand Instagram worthy pictures and a huge story about how Pine-Nut the whimsically named toddler made a mess in the living room while mama was baking those muffins?  Yeah.  I'm not into it either.

So lets not do that.  The anti-inflammatory diet is happening and it is still new enough that I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops and feel smug that I made granola without any stevia or honey or anything sweet in it (except for dried cherries) at all, and I ate it and it was good and it gave me popeye-like super powers. (Just kidding, I am coming down with a cold just in time for the holidays and I feel mostly like upcycled dirt...which, according to the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, I am...)

So, I made quick granola without anything sweet in it (except for dried cherries) and it was good and I ate it and it is giving me good energy.

Here ya go:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 T. coconut oil
small handful of pumpkin seeds (or use nuts if you aren't anaphylactic to them like I am)
pinch of salt
hefty sprinkling of cinnamon.

Stir all this together and microwave in a flat-ish bowl or plate in 30 second increments until it is crispy.  Yes, it will happen and it doesn't take all that long.  Stir every once in a while.

Add a small handful of cherries.  Be reasonable because those babies are EXPENSIVE (but oh so worth it because anti-inflammatory superpowers).

Have it for breakfast.  But don't take a picture.  Because you are busy eating and you have not decided to blog about it until after the fact.

Congratulate yourself for eating something so healthy, and vegan, and lenten.  Feel smug.
Here is a link to the dried cherries. 

Here is a link to the nut-free not cross contaminated pumpkin seeds that everyone with nut allergies needs to know about.


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