Still He Sleeps

Wes is "actively dying".  He has been sleeping almost non stop since last Monday night.  Last food he took was last Tuesday morning, and that only a few bites.  Only sips of water and now only sponges.  I try to give him more but he won't take it. 

Yesterday was his "rally" and he woke up.  We had the kids fetched from their college and hugs all around.  He received communion and many prayers were prayed.

Today he sleeps.

His body is showing definite symptoms of the death process. I won't go into details.  You can google it, and if it is on the list, you can imagine it is happening here. This death thing is ugly and stinky and I hate it.  And I have absolutely no control over how long or short it will take. 

And I have absolutely no idea whether to send the kids back to college for a few days, or whether that would be superfluous and just require turning around to fetch them again. 

I am not good at waiting.  I have NEVER been good at waiting. 

So I pray that God would show me what needs doing.

And I wait.


is64ff said…
Love lasts forever. May the Holy Spirit come to you in your hour of need.
Love to you all. If you need company, I'm willing and available. I don't want to intrude, though, especially being someone who hasn't been there through the process.
Ginger Kelly said…
May his Memory be eternal. God, in all his glory, has gained another blessed reader to join his heavenly host. You and the children are in our prayers, Alana, always!