An Update

Wes has been on hospice almost three weeks now.  His decline seems very rapid.  Today he is sleeping and will barely rouse to be fed.  He slept through a bath, unresponsive with no memory of it. 

I asked him earlier if he was seeing angels and saints yet, and he wouldn't say, but got a very smirky sly grin on his face.  All morning long he kept saying over and over how happy he is. 

He is not in pain. 

Glory to God for all things. 


Lisa said…
Wes, you, and all of your family are remembered in my prayers. Glory to God.
Amanda Harrison said…
God, grant your servant and handmaiden peace.
Those words - he is so happy and he is not in pain. Glory to God! Maybe his sly smirky grin is because of the loving care you give him.
Praying that even as he is comforted by the angels and saints that you, too, have tangible signs of God’s love and nearness during this time. Love you, dear sister.
MamaBirdEmma said…
We are praying for all of you!
MamaBirdEmma said…
We are praying for all of you!