Faerie Queen Invades Domestic Woodpile

Fata Querca---oak fairies. They seem to have invaded my living room yesterday evening, with a particular attraction to the woodpile. The little ladies from a couple of nights ago were just the advance guard, spying out a good place for their little clan to winter.

As you can see, the scene was a bit hectic, and it was difficult to get these creatures to stand still for a portrait, so I had to settle for several somewhat blurry candid shots. The little soldier fairy was particularly keen on marching back and forth. Each time I tried to approach the queen, he menacingly waved his wee little stick in my direction, and shook his bow, shouting and ululating like I imagine an ancient warrior might have done. Finally the queen ordered him to stop, so that we could have a conversation.

My main inquiry as to what they were doing in my woodpile and how long they would stay was simply greeted with tiny peels of laughter, as if I had told a very funny joke. After the queen had calmed down (faeries live like bees, with a queen, and worker fairies, although what their role in the eco-system is remains unclear) we were able to talk a bit, but with difficulty. I learned that each group is called a "band". The queen of this particular band seems to have ADD. But perhaps that's just the nature of the Fata Querca. As I've only recently been forced to start learning about faeries, my information is still limited and my experience with them shallow.

I did gather that they like woods, wood and wooden things. And they like people who like the woods, which is why they decided to visit my wood pile. Perhaps they shall stay awhile. In the pictures above, the queen is the one in the flame colored flower dress.


Amber said…
I'm impressed at the quality of the pictures! For such elusive creatures, you've done remarkably well in capturing them! :)
Rebecca said…
Very cute.

We had similar Acorn people visit our home each year as children, but, they were, ahem, our nativity scene. :) (What can I say, my mom worked with what she had, which happened to be acorns, pipecleaners and felt. LOL) :)

Your fairies, though, sure seem to be fun!
Anonymous said…
Adorable and very clever!
maria said…
This is wonderful!!
lisa said…
This is the cutest thing ever!