Wishin' for Discipline

in the reading department, that is. For some reason, I never can find time to squeeze in a good read. Perhaps I ought to go walkng in the fitness cneter, on the treadmill, and read there.

I currently have an impressive stack-o-stuff to read, but alas, I've been knitting much more often.

Currently being neclected:

A book by St. John Maximovich on the Orthodox Veneration of Mary: The Birthgiver of God,

The Way to Nicea, by John Behr (about half way through this one)

Two books about St. Herman of Alaska which we picked up for B's research paper,

Turning the Heart to God, by St. Theophan the Recluse (this was for last month's book group, that I attended without having read the book and it looked so good we went ahead and got it.

And then the next book group book, the title of which I cannot remember...

It's like sitting in front of a huge stack of pastries and not being hungry enough to eat any. Except instead of hunger, the limiting factor is time.

But I must say, wool socks do keep one's toes warm. ;-)


elizabeth said…
wow; not easy reading! i find there are seasons in one life where one can or cannot do things one wishes...

for me it would be reading books of depth - but for now I can only try to stick to my small morning prayer rule and read lighter things ...

great list of books though! I did not know that ST. John M had written a book(/s?)