if I start writing I will find something to write about.

Or maybe not.

Three cheers for kids who are old enough to follow orders and get the house clean. Even vacuumed. That's huge.

I did too much yesterday, by necessity, and so today is necessarily going to be rather gingerly lived, I'm afraid. A do nothing day...that is what I need...

So my to-do list for a "do nothing" day?

-Make a massive pile of waffles for the freezer.
-take in some jeans for M.
-re-work the waistband on a skirt (for me).
-do a bit of laundry (or rather, make one of the kids do a bit of laundry)
-make the kids do some school work
-update my blogs and work on some e-mails.

I might even run to the store and buy new batteries for my TENS unit...if I can drive.

Currently our family read aloud is Swiss Family Robinson. It's the perfect read aloud. It was written in the 1700's and is a thoroughly Christian story. We are a bit amused by certain mistakes, like there being penguins and flamingoes on the same deserted island in the tropics, but it's a very enjoyable adventure story. What is refreshing about it is not only the unabashed and blatant Christianity, but also the fact that this adventure involves a family, and not just some guys, or whatever.

Good literature should educate, elevate, make one want to strive for greater things, strive to be a more refined or better person, and help one use the English language better.


Mimi said…
I loved that book when I read it (more than once) growing up. One of the scenes that sticks with me is when they bring the animals to the shore with the barrels.
elizabeth said…
sending you my love Alana! hope today was a bit restorative