Good Things

A lovely wind storm whipped through our area last night and yesterday.

We had a chance to go for a short walk in between the thunder storms and the wind storm, and we had a lovely time collecting detritus from the recent ice storm: Branches from a magnolia (we think!), some type of evergreen and some pinecones, holly with berries, and a bare branch-o-mystery with some rather ambitious buds, a non-coniferous ever-green shrub branch that I've seen everywhere on two continents all my life but cannot identify by name.

I really really want to find a book or something that tells me what grows in Kentucky so I can identify plants at least by their common names. I've always wanted to be a naturalist and have never had the chance to gain those skills.

By the time we were heading home with our treasures, the wind was picking up and a new bank of gray clouds were blowing in.

I'm grateful that we didn't lose our electricity, although some did.

I'm grateful I was able to go for a short walk, what with all my back problems lately.

I'm grateful for my chiropractor.

I'm SO glad I was able to get up this morning with only a bit of stiffness, and that I can gingerly move around today.

The sun is shining.

My kids get along with each other and are having a good week.

I'm grateful for doctors and therapists, psychotropic medications and gluten free noodles.

I'm grateful for dumb shows on Animal Planet.

I'm even glad that Lent is rapidly approaching.

Grateful my husband has a job at a company that is hiring and not laying off people. God have mercy!

New friends and old.

For all these things, I give thanks to God.


elizabeth said…
enjoyed reading this. thank you! :)

glad you are feeling a bit better today. :)
Monica said…
Joining you in praising God!