Lessons from Motherhood

Michelle had a post on what important lessons from motherhood she learned, that she did not expect...or something like that.

And of course she challenged her readers to share as well.

So, what did I learn form motherhood that I didn't expect:

-Special needs are special needs and you can't spank it out of them.

-Every child is unique.

-Every family is unique.

-I matured and grew as a parent, got wiser. And more tired. Things I swore I'd never do with number one, I did do with number four.

-I learned that the world does not end if you have to give your kid formula.

-I learned that sometimes all the tried and true parenting tricks to get your kids to do X (like, say, eat vegetables) just. don't. work.

-I learned that some battles are not worth fighting.

-I learned that some are.

-I learned that I'd rather try to treat my kids like human beings (while not forgetting that I'm the partent and the buck stops here) than treating them as persons or things that can or must be controlled merely for my own convenience.

-I learned that if I want my kids to be kind and gentle, I must be kind and gentle, if I want my kids to be neat and tiday (HA!) I must be neat and tidy (HA! HA!) etc.

-And I learned that little apples do not fall far from the tree and all my kids are so much like me in various ways.

I'm glad I'm a mom. And I'm glad I did not know in advance what all I was getting in to.


Thanks for joining it. I started my original post and didn't really know where I was going, but it is fun to see what other mothers have to say.

I definitely agree with the "And I'm glad I did not know in advance what all I was getting in to" part. David was so easy, I just figured having two would be a piece of cake. Ha! Lesson learned.