Pascha Preparations

We've been so blessed. Here's our very full Pascha basket. I sort of paid attention to some traditional things, and sort of ignored what's traditional in favor of stuff that suits us.

The bread is a Swiss "Zopf" (which just means "braid") but it contains loads of butter, milk and eggs, so I decided it would do. There's a cream cheese and horseradish spread in the basket with XB, the Russian initials for "Christ is Risen", on it.

Beyond that, there's just loads of salami, summer sausage, Nutella, Toblerone, Milk chocolate, dried fruit (for my health nut daughter who does not like candy), Cadbury eggs, Wine, Cheeses galore (I'm particularly looking forward to the Gruyere Cheese!)

The only non-food items we crammed in this year are a small Psalter (Purse sized!) from the LXX!!! and a decoupaged Icon print of the Passion. The other books and presents are going to have to stay home.

And here's a shot of the dogwood and redbud bouquet with hanging blown eggs that we decorated.

I'll admit to laziness and say I didn't put any red eggs in my basket because there will be lots of those at Church, and last year we had too many.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!


John Nicholas said…
OOH! Goodies! Love the Egg Tree.
Liz in Seattle said…
Gruyere! If there's one thing I'd like in my Pascha basket, that I can't possibly get, it's the amazing triple cream from the village of Gruyere. I thought I'd need a plunger for my aorta...

A glorious Pascha to you and your family, with love from the Northwest!
Elizabeth said…
Christ is Risen !
Happy Pascha !
Anonymous said…
I do love your egg tree - I mean to make one every year and never do.

Christos voskrese! Tha Crìosd air èiridh!

maria in sydney said…
Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! To you and your family.

I love the egg tree and the Pascha basket!

Here's a photo of my Pascha display this year

and with descriptions!