What's Going On?

Today, B is crocheting a cute hat. M is busy trying to learn the dance aerobics section of the new Weight Watchers workout DVD I bought. (I got worn out on the cardio basics section.) A is on the computer and E is lazing around.

My plan is to get some room cleaning done today and then take at least some of the kids to the dollar store to do their Christmas shopping.

B is getting better each day, but woke up this morning with tears, wondering if the government was planning on killing all the autistic kids. Scary thought! Paranoid.

I got nice and fat over the past few weeks. So, now I'm trying to get back in the game with Weight Watchers. Hard to do the week before Christmas. I'd lost ten, and then regained almost six. I refuse to be depressed about it. I forge ahead.

But it does show me I need to learn better coping mechanisms. I guess I'm an emotional/stress eater. Duh. And I didn't even realize.

We made it to Church yesterday, which was absolutely wonderful.

Family movie night last pm. We watched High School Musical 2. Popcorn, fish sticks, veggies and dip. Fun.


Anonymous said…
Aiee!! Oh my goodness, the poor dear.

(Not pity here, you understand, just -- damn, random thoughts like that must be scary to cope with!)

And thanks be to whomever it is -- God, the military, who-have-you -- that we do not in fact live in a country where autistic or otherwise less than "perfect" people are in danger!!
Maria said…
For cryin' out loud, woman, go easy on yourself. Who can keep their weight down when they eat hospital food for a week straight??? It's very kind of them to provide meals, and an absolute must for the parent, but I saw the food- you're doing good if you only gained back the six. Enjoy the holiday. You look fabulous.

Glad y'all made it to church. We've had the flu over here. Hope we're done with it.

Mimi said…
That makes total sense, hugs.

It sounds like a nice bit of busyness. Poor B. that is a scary thought. Hugs.
elizabeth said…
thanks for the post. continued prayers. with figuring out things about myself, i often miss what later seems obvious to me. we are human. thank God He loves us... :)
Aunt Andrea said…
Hi Alana! Tried to call twice, been praying all week for you all...daniel found your blog so I've caught up a bit tonight. Glad to hear Bethany is back at home, doing ok! PRaise God! I am reminded of how God sees even the sparrow fall to the ground, so how much more is his infinite love for us! His thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand....sending all our love,
Andrea, Daniel, Josiah & Ella