Not Such a Great Idea

I made a vegetable soup with canned oysters today. It was very STRONG, fishy. It stenched up the house. My oldest seems to like oysters better than I do. And no one else ate the soup. Or else my oldest child is just very stubborn and is forcing herlself to eat it because it's there. I'll probably force myself to eat another portion of it tomorrow, because it's there, but I won't be cooking it again. I'd rather just do veggie soup and do the oysters on the side. Perhaps smothered in mustard sauce, or something. Or shrimp. It's much milder.

We had to cut up and cook some apples, an orange and some five spice in lemon juice so that we could get rid of the fishy smell.

On a sad note, my youngest lost her baptismal cross today at the place where I go to Wednesday night bible study. Please say a prayer that we can find and retrieve it successfully. She and I are both very sad. Of course she didn't tell me she'd lost it until AFTER we'd left, and the building was locked up. I really hope I can get hold of someone there tomorrow, and go to find it in the play room.


Xenia Kathryn said…
when I lost my daughter's baptismal cross, I went to our "parish saint" (a remarkably prayerful woman) and asked her what I should do. She told me to ask St. Menas and St. Phanourios for their intercessions. I bought two small icons of them in our bookstore and prayed in my mind all day. Five minutes after sending off another prayer, my mom called and said she found her cross! It was amazing. Praise be to God! I hope you find it!
Liz in Seattle said…
Around here, St. Xenia bats 1.000 for lost items. I'm blown away every time I pray to her for help. Maybe I shouldn't be, but there you go. :-)