I have a hard time communicating my faith with others. I get mush-mouthed and I never know quite what to say. I have a hard time pinning it down. Sometimes I read something, that really communicates what I would want to say, if I could say it so well.

I'd like to recommend the Blog "Glory to God for All Things" by Father Stephen Freeman.

He writes:

The great good news is that this faith worth believing is true. It survives even into the modern world because the modern world is weak and crumbles. It cannot feed a modern man, while the faith once and for all delivered to the saints sustains human beings even through the unimaginable horrors of the modern world. God is with us.

If you wait on your modern heart to just suddenly become the heart of a desert monk - you’ll have a long wait. The first floor is full of strange and wonderful things, but your heart will have to be changed in something longer than an instant (most likely). But most of us can find our hearts changed with something less than 40 years of weeping in a desert or a 20 year sentence in the cold of Siberia. Instead, you’ll have to pray even when you don’t feel like it and fast when you’d prefer to forget it, and attend Church like an old “Baba” in the dark years of Stalin. If the doors are open, be there - or at least try to be there - as if your life depended on it. It does. And the faith worth believing will come. Day by day it will come.

And then. in this modern world, you will see something that others don’t. You may be asked to tell what you see. Or you may prefer silence. But the reality of what you see will have removed the anxiety in your heart and replaced it with true faith. It is enough.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this with us!

I had a great time at lunch today :) See you at Vespers.
DebD said…
I also have such a hard time explaining my faith. In fact, I'm struggling right now trying to communicate what church was like for me today...but its just not coming. I think I may just scrap the whole thing.

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.