Today I attacked the green grass with a vengeance. It was tall, almost hay-like in it's qualities. I'm sure the neighbors are very glad that I got rid of the spring time growth. First mowing of the season, and long over due.

Then I got out the electric hedge trimmers and did the hedges...well, at least the four ones in the front of the house. Wes and I have the eternal debate about our side bushes. I particularly love the privacy of a leafy screen in front of the kitchen window, but he prefers them short. Well, I guess he can trim those, if he must. arms are very shaky right now.

For some reason mowing the yard is one of those despicable activities that makes me pray. Probably because I hate the job so much. It's not the physicality of it all that bothers me, but rather the fumes. I really enjoyed the electric hedge trimmer part. It's just the stinky gas powered lawn mower that drives me bonkers. And then the gas always sloshes on my hands when I refill the gas tank, etc. and I end up reeking of the stuff all day.

It's nice to have the work done. I've been having a hard time since Pascha...with various things. Pray for me.