Truly He is Risen!

One of my favorite Bright Week activities is randomly shouting Christ is Risen! at the top of my lungs as I go about my day. Usually in threes. So far there is always some willing kid to shout the appropriate response, followed by comments such as: "Mom, you find the weirdest times to say that!" Bwahahaha!

Yesterday, though, I spent hardly moving from my chair. Our furnace gave out, finally, and we are weathering this cold snap with a borrowed space heater. It is in the low-mid sixties in our house, so not too bad, but a mug of something creamy and warm seems most welcome, as are abundant blankets. The weather will warm up soon, and then our house will be warmer again. Upstairs, I'm happy to say, is nice and toasty, as we have baseboard heaters up there, and tomorrow I plan on heating up the kitchen by slow baking a turkey all day. Yummmmy!

The temptation for me is to really let down my hair and not pray at all this week. God forgive me.


Mimi said…
NOOOOOO! I'm so sorry about the furnace.

Christ is Risen!
basil said…
That tendency towards non-prayer is recognized in a common piety that replaces one's usual rule with the Paschal Hours during Bright Week.
alana said…
Yeah, I found them yesterday! They ARE very helpful and just the right length!