I've been such a slug this week. Lying around in my p.j.'s reading novels and loosely supervising school work. Monday I didn't even TRY to make the kids do anything. It feels good to be lazy, but I"m sort of ready to do a little bit more tomorrow.

Yeah, still recovering from Holy Week and Pascha. That's what it is.

Today I put a turkey in the oven so dinner was a snap, and now we have all this delicious meat in the fridge waiting to become sandwiches. Yum.

All four of my kids were ACTUALLY invited to a birthday party! I was so excited. That doesn't happen very often in our family. So when it does, it's a special treat. And there were these totally adorable bunny rabbits that the birthday boy had gotten for his main gift, I think. A cool hutch up on legs in the living room with both a cage door and a lift-up top, and the bottom of the cage had the drawer-type thing under it for the "bunny-litter" to go. Looked very easy to keep clean. My girls especially liked holding the rabbits (shhh, don't did I...). But no, we aren't about to own any. Our cats would atrophy, or go catatonic or something from doing nothing but sitting in front of the bunny cage if we had such creatures around here.

Tomorrow I am DETERMINED to do laundry, be diligent and actually tidy up the living room. That will be a treat. To that end, I'd better get off here and go read some more.