Mystery Bite

I discovered this on my leg today while I was still at Church. I had a mild itch, reached down to scratch it and unexpectedly felt a lump. Naturally I looked at what I was feeling and: WOW! The whole thing is over an inch in every direction. The blurry red mark in the center is actually three tiny dots: two bigger and one smaller, in a triangular pattern. The white part in the middle is hard and raised, and then there's the bruise around the whole thing.

I know it wasn't here yesterday, since that's when I shaved my legs last. Oy, vey! I'll keep watching it before I decide whether I go rushing off to the doctor. I'll let everyone know if I develop super powers or amazing climbing abilities.

If anyone knows what it looks like, let me know.


Ruth said…
Isn't a Lyme tick bite supposed to look like a bull's-eye?

I have never seen one, it just seems that I read that somewhere.
Basil said…
It looks like it's well beyond just watching it. I'd take it to the doctor quickly.

Of course, I don't have to worry how I'm going to pay for a doctor's visit, so your mileage may vary.
Anonymous said…
spider bite? Looks like one.
Get thee to they physician pronto!
Philippa said…
I second the spider bite. Get it checked out. pronto!!
Ruth said…
So don't leave us hanging! What happened? Did you see a doctor? Did this just go away on its own?