I've had a great deal of trouble sleeping through the night for a long time. I blamed my fibromyalgia. I blamed my hypoglycemia (it makes sense that a blood sugar crash at 3 am would wake a person up, doesn't it?)

This past week, I've been sleeping like a baby. So nice. And no drugs, either. In fact, I've been liberalizing my diet somewhat and feeling healthier than ever. Who knew, but Basmati rice is only 50 or so on the GI scale, and raw honey is very close to that number as well (55). Even with rice for a bed time snack, I still slept through the night last night. So much for the hypoglycemia theory.

How could this be? Raw honey? In my diet? It actually seems to be a self liminting food. And, it is highly nutritious, and just a little bit is enough. So I know I'm not overdoing it.

So, why am I sleeping so well? How does this add up? What is different? I've been scratching my head all week, trying to figure out why I'm sleeping so well.

This morning the "what is different" hit me: Splenda. I gave up splenda. Just stopped. I've been doing some reading on the internet. Why do I believe the media every single time? Made with sugar so it tastes like sugar. What rot!

This is something that I recognized about myself during lent...this wanting, this wanting more. Wanting to literally have my cake and eat it too. It's the same as a sugar addiction only it's an ersatz sugar addiction. And I wondered if it was having more of an effect on me than just making me want more sple nda. What if?

So I stopped. The last thing I made with the last of my splenda actually went into the garbage can after the first bite. I just didn't want it any more. That was over a week ago, now. I think I'll give God credit for that one. Obviously, left to my own devices, I'm not so smart.

And I"m sleeping. And I figured I'd best just quit the diet soda habit as well, whether splenda or aspartame sweetened. Heck, I KNOW aspartame is bad for me! But I drank it anyways. How foolish, foolish, foolish I am!

So, last night on the way home from Church I had to get gas, and the habit was to always grab a caffeine free diet Pepsi in such a situation. No more. I had to force myself to avoid it. I got a Perrier instead. It's really the bubbles that I wanted. Those I can have. Perrier never tasted so good.

So, I gave up splenda, aspartame, saccharine....and I feel very very good. More balanced, physically. And I'm sleeping at night. What a change!

Splenda trivia: it was discovered accidentally by chemists looking for a new pesticide. Hmmm, isn't that how Aspartame was discovered?

It has chemically more in common with pesticide than it does with sugar, even though it is partially a sugar molecule...with chlorine added in place of some hydrogen (I think...something like that.)

Perhaps we should start guzzling DDT, too. Maybe it tastes sweet as well?


emily said…
Wow! That's interesting (and kinda gross). Glad you figured things out...
Lauren S. said…
OMG, Alana, I am so happy for you! I have to tell you when you mentioned on your posts how much you were using Splenda, I really wanted to beg you to stop. I'm pretty much freaked out by all the fake sugars in some of the research I have done. But I didn't want to come off as a jerk-face know-it-all telling a poor gal whose already having a heck of time with her diet, "you know you really should rethink using Splenda...blah blah blah..."

Well, good for you! Enjoy sleeping well.
Alana said…
I"m a slow learner, and not always smart about food choices...what can I say?

Many thanks for your concerns, though.
Anonymous said…
Aspartame is toxic. Dont use. Ya Can't make me, aint gonna do it.
Alana said…
Yeah, I know. I was off aspartame for a long time, and then I feel off that wagon and started using it again. No more. I'm so done with all artificial sweeteners. God have mercy on me! Twenty year old habits die hard.
Dollymama said…
You could always try flavored stevia in seltzer water for the flavor, sweetness, and bubbles, with zero calories, and zero glycemic index! :) My kids love it. Our healthy lemonade is everyone's favorite drink here.