Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Storms were moving in yesterday in waves. The weather went from sunny to rainy, back to sunny and then REALLY rainy, followed immediately by a rainbow and some sunshine. Fortunately, I was able to get out of doors with the kids for a littel while, letting them run off some energy at the park while I walked in circles around them.

But unfortunately, and mysteriously, my bread failed. Since going GFCF with my family, I've been having to make all our bread. Usually I make a loaf about every other day, or every third day, depending, and that is all we need. I refrigerate the loaf before slicing, so the crust changes texture and the bread gets firm, and that way I can get about 20 thin slices per loaf...the same number as from store bought bread. It's quick and easy, and since I'm home all the time, I may as well. My goal is to not have an increase in our grocery budget. A stiff task, that, and one that involves cooking from scratch.

So, the bread: I did what I always do. Followed the recipe as usual. And it was horrible. Nice and almost too crusty on the outside, but it was as though the inside did not even cook...or half-baked...that's what it looked like. There was a big hole along the top, under the crust, and the rest was just goo.

Needless to say, that bread ended up in the garbage after we munched on some of the crusty parts. (I'll admit, I ended up eating too many carbs yesterday and having a bit of a stomach ache). It was disappointing, after the work of baking the bread, to have no fruit for my labor, and it made me realize how much I've been taking for granted that everything will turn out alright in my kitchen. I've been very humanistic in my cooking (and surely in many other ways too.)

As I was making the pancakes this morning (my dd agreed to take a pancake sandwich to school, and dh agreed, after much laborious arm twisting on my part...NOT!... to go out to the nice Indian restaurant with the guys at work for lunch) I was thinking of "give us this day our daily bread". Hopefully I will learn to pray more, even in my kitchen.