Feelin' Good

Working out...I just love it. It's simple and methodical. I write down what I do. I have a nice chart, and I love filling in the numbers. So many reps/so many pounds. And it tells me exactly how far to push myself and when to expect more from myself. Very simple, systematic, and so far I've never accidentally dropped a dumb-bell on my foot or anything stupid like that. Low risk activity.

So, I"m feeling sort of buff right now, under my layer of mom-fat. Unfortunately, I tend to get rather bulky muscles for a female. NOT one of the lucky ones who can work out and get slim and pretty. Oh, no! Because THAT would obviously not be "good for my salvation" or whatever Christian-ese spin I want to put on it. (I get in moods where I hyperspiritualize EVERYTHING...duh, that's what this entire BLOG is, isn't it?) But, when it comes down to it, I think I'd rather have muscle shaped strong bumps than fat shaped weak bumps. Right now, I have both.

Maybe by the end of May I will have upped my weights a notch or two.