In a bout of unanticipated but much appreciated maturity, my oldest child has taken her health into her own hands and decided to go on the Gluten Free Casein Free diet. It is a diet that helps many on the autistic spectrum. The proteins gluten and casein have an opiod effect for many autistic kids (grownups too, I guess) and removing those from the diet can/may/might reduce many of the neurological symptoms she struggles with.

I'm all about being 100% supportive. We've had fun researching together, reading together and cooking together, these past few days. She's totally committed, and I'm so proud of her! With my help she navigated a pancake breakfast the other day by bringing gluten free batter, and she and the other no-gluten person in our parish had their own griddle upon which to cook. Then she made gfcf banana muffins, to the envy of her siblings, and today it was gfcf peanut butter cookies. Of course all her meals and snacks are gfcf now. She's very careful.

But oh my! It sure does make kitchen work interesting!!!! Never have I scrubbed quite so carefully, never before have I inspected for hidden crumbs the way I do now. And the irony is, what with my special diet, I was so sick of cooking double or triple during lent, and looking forward to the break coming up. I guess there will be no break...until, that is, I phase the rest of the family (excepting my ever-low-carbing self) towards gfcf land themselves. Someday, there will be only juice and darifree in my refrigerator (except for my low carb stuff, of course).

The operative question is: Is it making a difference? Without getting into details, and considering that it's only been a couple of days....Yes, I think it is.

Blessed Holy Week to all!


FreeCyprus said…
Blessed Holy Week to you and yours.
Happy Pascha!
Xenia Kathryn said…
That's great to hear about your daughter! Going gluten free is not at all an easy task, but it must make you proud to see her make such a positive decision for her own health. She has a great role-model... ;)
carmen said…
That is impressive.

Have a WONDERFUL Pascha!