Boyfriend Season Is Here!

One of the things I like about blogger is it's remarkable lack of ads and junk like that. I was just over at myspace commenting on someone else's blog and a HUGE ad popped up with a model perfect guy on it. want's me to know that Boyfriend Season is Here! Woo Hooo!

Quick, let me rush out and tell my husband that Boyfriend Season is Here! I'm sure he'll be THRILLED....especially when I tell him that I nominate him for the job! Seriously, though. I'm SO GLAD to be married/unavailable/off the market/out of the dating scene/etc. What a relief to be settled down and happy.


Abouna said…
Amen. I bet your husband is just as happy also that you are "married/unavailable/off the market/out of the dating scene/etc."
james said…
Really? I was always told that being single was the greatest gift God could have given me (though I keep trying to get rid of it). I remember being reminded how horrible marriage is and that the grass really isn't green on the other side (notice I said "green" and not "greener").

Oh well. Well, I'm glad you're not hunting as well because they say a huge number of folks on those dating sites are already married. Sad, eh?
Mimi said…
There's a season?