does not have a very food-allergy sensitive policy. I spoke with the manager before dining there, and the best he could do was give me a card with a phone number on it, for "Applebee's central command". I could call there during business hours and talk to a representative. Meanwhile grand high pubah does not even disclose to Applebee's managers what all is in their menu items.

He WAS able to assure me that they don't use peanut oil. They use vegetable oil...which I assured him was most likely soy (it could be corn, buy I think soy is usually cheaper and veggie oil is just a euphemis for "whatever's cheapest oil".

I only ended up with a mildly itchy mouth that a good drink of water cured.

The waitress, on the other hand, was appalling. Not to mention her pierced tongue. Call me old fashioned, but it was distinctly unappetizing.