No weight loss or gain this week. That's good. Fine. Mildly disappointing but not surprising. I'm sick, you see. And I don't think my body does well with weight loss when I"m sick. I over did it on Monday (hindsight and all that) and have been paying homage to the Mononucleosis virus ever since.

But I stuck to the eating plan. So that's something to hang my hat on.

Chicken soup for dinner. Soothing for an achy body on a chilly, rainy February day. Now the dishes are in the dishwasher, and there's nothing left to do but cozy up for a while, pray some evening prayers with the family, and relax. And for that, I'm grateful.


elizabeth said…
Your doing well. Hang in there.
gemma said…
Good job Alana!
mamajuliana said…
Good! Take care of your self.

I stayed the same too, I have had a cold and just fell all around yucky. Exercise has gone the way of the Dodo this week, too. I feel sore and tired.

Our daughter is getting over phnemonia-so we are both just trying to take care...

Like you is a change of we'll keep on working at it and taking care of ourselves everyday!
I figure if nothing happens then that is the body settling into a new normal. I think that is where I am heading this week to. 4# is a lot to lose so it takes adjusting. We'll see, right?

Take care of yourself.

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