The house keeping card file system is going SO WEll. I will admit that I took today off. For one thing, I'm tired today, and for another thing, I don't have any monthlies/weeklies tomorrow, and so I will do today's chores tomorrow. The dailies, the nice thing is if I skip a day, things are still better than before, when I never did them. So zero guilt there.

I am struggling with one problem: procrastinating my Bible reading until the very last thing and then not doing it at all. Guilty as charged. The spiritual disciplines are always the hardest. Some days, just a Psalm will have to qualify.

Another thing I've been thinking of, is that I want to create time in my day to read. My brother sent me Richard Preston's _Wild Trees_, and I've delved in to the first few pages, and am eager to read more. Additionally, when I'm in the bathroom I pick up and read a few lines of that history book (late 1700's) that I'm working on. At least I'm making some progress. But I have so many interests, and books I want to read. And I spend too much time browsing the internet. That's reading, too, but not the intelligent reading I want it to be. Some of it is fruitful, but some less so.

Dinner tonight: shrimp stir fry with cauliflower "rice". Yes, I'm on a low carb plan again: The Metabolism Miracle.


Xenia Kathryn said…
I'm so glad the card system in working for you! I just ordered "Sidetracked Home Executives" with some Christmas money. I feel like I make an effort to keep the house tidy, but I know there are corners that I totally overlook and never even realize. I'm looking forward to making time for those forgotten corners/ chores.

Thanks for inspring me, Alana! A Blessed 2010 to you and your family.
elizabeth said…
I struggle to do all I seek to do too; best wishes and love!
thegeekywife said…
Oh I know what you mean about internet reading!

Keep us posted on the card system. I def need some help in the keeping track of chores department! Maybe I'll give the SHE book a look...
Anonymous said…
I guess the internet thing is something a lot of us struggle with. Fr. Meletios Webber said it short and sweet: 'As a distraction, it is unparalleled.'

I try to remember that it is there to do what I want it to, not the other way round :)

Blessed Feast!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the file card system. I think I will give it a try. I like to schedule chores times on my iCal, but as far as the details, I think the file cards will be much more convenient.
cedar chest said…
Thanks for sharing the file card system. I might as well as use it too so that it can help me in my chores.
Has said…
My card system is going well too! I find that even if I start a chore and do only a little, it is such an improvement on what I was doing before. Thanks again Alana! Now if only I had more time to read... maybe in a few years.

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