Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's Up, Doc?

My weight.

I joined weight watchers yesterday. So far, there are some nifty e-tools to play around with. So far it's not getting on my nerves. But this is only day one. He he he.

But progress is progress: Dieting without self-loathing. Now there's a concept.

Conclusions: I drink too much wine, I cook with too much fat and indulge myself in illegals such as pastries at Church about once a week...far too often. Yeah, that about sums up my fifty pounds of overweight.

Things I'm already doing right: eating fruits and veggies. Eating whole grain sugar free cereals, and limiting the carb portions each day. I read labels. That also puts me ahead of the game. I rarely eat out and I cook from scratch.

Now I just need to learn to cook with less FAT.

And I HAVE been walking. I'm back up to 2.5 miles nowadays.

Since I have family history for everything: heart disease, diabetes AND cancer, perhaps I can get a doc to write me a nice little note to get my HSA to pay for this.

Wouldn't that be nice?

So, wish me willpower, self control and a dying to self indulgence. It's that part of me that wants to indulge myself that gets me every time.


Mimi said...

Would they? What an awesome thing!

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

I am dieting too. If you get hungry and need to vent...I am here for you. I love the WW program, the meeting time is not compatible with my schedule. We can do this together!! I am behind you!!
50 pounds???? Where are you hiding it?


Alana said...

I'm hiding it on my belly and back, under my rather large "crumb shelf", beneath linen tunic tops that aren't quite as loose and flowing as they used to be. Yikes!

Michelle Melania said...

I'm glad your first day is going well. Mine was much harder than I thought. Having a toddler who is constantly eating makes things difficult.

margi said...

Wine and fat... sounds familiar somehow... *sigh*. Now that my Dad has lost so much weight with cancer - for weeks he couldn't eat because of nausea and he wouldn't listen to me about changing his painkillers that were causing it - so now I have to feed him seriously high calorie foods and somehow not eat them myself. It's so hard yet I feel so guilty for having gone on eating and maintaining my overweightness when he couldn't eat.