Low Back Pain tips

I am realizing that I am in a certain danger of falling into this thinking trap that is so easy to fall in to: Defining myself by my problems and illnesses and wearing those things proudly on my sleeve, as a way to define myself, get attention, make things go my way, whatever.

How does one live with several chronic overlapping conditions and not have this happen? Perhaps just recognizing this temptation/sin is the first step in doing something about it.

So, all that said: I learned some helpful things for my degenerative disc disease at the Chiropractor the other day. In other words, a few little things I can do to avoid making low back pain worse. Thought I'd pass these along since I know many folks suffer from low back pain for one reason or another:

Get a Swiss Ball and sit on it, thighs should be parallel to the floor, feet firmly planted. Make very very slight movements front to back and side to side, and in circles like a belly dancer. But very very slight. These little movements should not hurt. If they do, and you are suffering low back pain, you are moving too much. Five minutes of this, and I find a good amount of pain relief.

Another thing: If sleeping on your stomach, put a pillow under your ankles or under your hips. If sleeping on your back, always put a pillow under your knees. I tried this and I felt so much better than I normally do this morning that I hardly wanted to get out of bed.


Christina said…
You have touched on a major issue for people with chronic illnesses. I was diagnosed with lupus nine years ago and I have completely unrelated epilepsy diagnose 12 years ago. I try not to let my illnesses define who I am BUT they are a part of who I am. Why do I say no when people ask me to do things? Because I know that if I overdo it, I will hurt. How much do I want to tell new people in our community about my illnesses? Sometimes I feel like I need to explain myself because other people might form a negative opinion of me. But Fr. T would say that I shouldn't worry about what other people are thinking of me and that by worrying about this, I am too hung up on impressing others. aaaggghhh. Anyway, I understand what you are going through as I am going through it, too:)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tips -- the Astronomer is always complaining about his lower back and these might help him a lot.
Adwin said…
wow, good tips. I never know of such easy and simple tips. I am a sufferer of lower back pain too.
Anonymous said…
I definitely need one of those swiss balls now that I am pregnant; I have lower back pain all the time now, and do use a pillow betweeen my knees when I sleep (it helps a lot!).

So where do you get a swiss ball?
Anonymous said…
These are great tips.

If anyone is seeking additional information about Degenerative Disc Disease treatmentoptions, visit medical sites and always get yourself a second opinion. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.
Anonymous said…
another tip is to ... avoid coffee - this causes tension and pain
Anonymous said…
Most people suffering chronic back pain turn to spinal manipulation however, if like me, you can't stand the pain of chiropractic treatment, and you are looking for an effective, long term remedy for your back problems, then may i suggest a new mattress (or to be more specific – an orthapedic or memory foam mattress)
There are a whole range of specialist mattresses aimed at correcting posture and in turn alleviating back and neck pains. The benefits are long-term and you don't need to regularly visit [and pay!] some heavy handed therapist to relieve the pain! i recently purchased an orthopedic memory foam mattress, and i can report, that after a fortnight sleeping on it, i wake up feeling much better than i did when i slept on my old mattress. One may jump to the conclusion that such specialist mattress prices are high; however, if you look hard enough, you can find cheap orthopedic mattresses out there. If you are dispirited by the expense, just think of the long term benefits for your health, and the lack of future visits to your heavy handed therapist!!
Anonymous said…
yup, lose the coffee and caffeine for a while and lose the back pain
John said…
If you can't stand pain from a chiropractic treatment I suggest talking to your chiropractor about the many techniques available for someone like you. My patients like the " firm" adjustments, but I offer other techniques for the few that do not. And although a mattress changes may help, if that was the answer for most then problem solved. Too bad it is more complex then that. I get an 80-90% success rate with my patients, but it is all for not if they do not take responsibility for thier health Doing proper exercises CONSISTANTLY. Nutrition can be a factor as well. I always hate it when I take someones health more serious then they do.
My point: No one answer. Find a good DC that offers options and good advise and encouragment to see you gain the level of health you deserve.
John said…
Quoted "yup, lose the coffee and caffeine for a while and lose the back pain"

Case with person having sever low back and leg pain (certain of nerve pressure). Coffee actually took his pain away. Go figure.
As a medic, now a chiropractor, I learned that we are all different and no one appraoch is effective for everyone. Just a thought.
My advise: Use multiple approaches, as no pannacea for low back pain exist, and do not fall victim of scammers trying to convince you they have the answer (for a credit card number). If one approach was the answer, I'd be using it in my clinic!
KrishaLiva said…
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mizan babu said…
I like the Swiss Ball plan. It's really work. I got some helpful tips to lose the back pain here.

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