Someone on a chat board I like to read asked the question: How do we integrate our Christianity into our whole life? Or, how do we live integrated Christian lives? What does that look like?

People waxed eloquent. Lemme tell ya.

I did not answer that thread but one thing did come to mind:

Mowing the grass, with a klunker lawn mower that needs it's carburator adjusted, already tired, but wanting to get this chore done, smelling like the gasoline that I spilled on my hands and breathing in nasty faith becomes integrated when this event is a call to prayer and I actually pray, rather than fuming, griping and complaining to myself.

Victory indeed!


Meg said…
You got it. ;-)
Jim N. said…
That question is so foreign to me since my conversion... 'How could Christianity not be integrated into my life?' is the question I'm more likely to ask. What a shame... I'd forgotten.
Mimi said…
sara said…
Susan said…
You are a good woman!
I most likely would have been saying four letter words under my breath.
I do pray at times like those though....although I feel kinda if God doesnt have more important things to do:)
alana said…
Layers, my brain has layers. Unfortuantely I'm fully capable of the Jesus prayer and grumbling as an extreme sport done simultaneously.

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