Week End.

It's just been a slam me to the wall busy week...lots of driving my son back and forth to community college where he is putting in long hours on his final project. 

I have no deep thoughts. 

Tonight vespers was early because of a local town Christmas festival, and I must say, it was lovely to go to vespers and then come home and cook a nice supper. 

I decided to use the nice china on Sundays, and Saturday night IS Sunday.  So we did.

 Prepping music for my parish's St. Nicholas Day program...
Doing some sewing tweaks to a fake "great omophorion" on the St. Nicholas costume.  ( Am I allowed to say "great omofauxrion"...  yes, why yes I am! )

It's just all ordinary.  And I'm tired. And I'm griefy today.

Last night I showed up and helped decorate the church for Christmas.  Mostly I held things and handed them to someone on a ladder....and dried some wet garlands with paper towels.  Of course I also managed to break a vase.  Because I am me. 

I went to the gym.  I went for walks.  I did laundry.  I cooked vegetables.  Life. 

Oh, and the tree is up. 

And that is all. 


elizabeth said…
it's wonderful that your son is at college, that you got the tree up (looks very nice!) and are using nice China on Sundays. Great tradition. Grief is hard and hard to avoid esp with holidays upon us. Good job for helping with St. Nicholas events. I am hosting a lunch at my house for it (my local church is new calendar, our other church old calendar but I got sick of not doing nice things locally for big feast days + I love St Nicholas so I am just going with it since it is impossible to do anything at our other church for the day, other than go out to eat, as it's an hour+ drive away). Anyway. You are showing up and doing what you need to do and I think that is called 'winning' even when it's hard.
Mat Anna said…
I love looking at other people’s Christmas trees! Yours is lovely. Remember that over-the-top ornament I made you a few years ago? 😄 lol

You cracked me up with that “omofauxrion”. You win. 👍🏻

Much love for you as you slog through the good, the bad, the messy, and the boring. ❤️
GretchenJoanna said…
I like your word "griefy," though the feeling is not ever welcome. This is the season for it, for me. It is really hard to create a new life without one's husband, all alone, as it seems, after creating one together "always." Creating is work, and when you think of making a whole thing, it is overwhelming. And we can't do it all at once anyway.

It's easier to do simple things like starting to use the good China on Sundays. That is a part of the new life that is becoming, and it is surely good.

You are in my prayers.